High profile hackers get their day in court

The court cases against high profile hackers [Gary McKinnon], [Gregory King], and [Robert Matthew Bentley] all had major developments last week, with [King] and [Bentley] sentenced to time in prison and [McKinnon] in a tenuous
state fighting extradition.

Both [King] (aka Silenz) and [Bentley] (aka LSDigital) will serve time for crimes related to botnets, but where [King] used one to stage DDOS attacks, [Bentley] used them to create spam. [King]‘s botnet had 7,000 nodes, and though the court did not release the size of [Bentley]‘s botnet, all of his bots were computers in the Rubbermaid company. [King] agreed to a two-year sentence, while [Bentley] was sentenced to 41 months.

[McKinnon] (aka Solo) who is of British origin, may serve up to 60 years in prison for mounting the “biggest military hack ever” on U.S. government computers. Between 2001 and 2002, he allegedly hacked into 97 computers in U.S. military and NASA networks. To be charged in American courts, though, he would have to be extradited first, and his extradition appeal to British courts is currently pending.


  1. some dude says:

    “…[king]‘s botnet had 7,00 nodes…”

    7,000, perhaps?

  2. Louis says:

    I guess it’s news… more like teevee news.

  3. no… if this were teevee news we wouldn’t know how many nodes, where the nodes were or why the botnets were created… actually all we’d know id the real life names and that these people are “evil” and probably linked to terrorism, drugs, child-pron, and other things…

    …this is more like slashdot news.

  4. edenist says:

    80 years?……..
    I could kill 3 people and still get out before mckinnon would.
    Thats……… wow………

  5. mikey says:

    41 months for spamming is way too lenient.

  6. jeffhole says:

    i DID kill 3 people and received FAR less time than 80 years. welcome to the country your parents have left you.

  7. tony says:

    Wow how many years will you get it you hacked the goverments computer

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