GetLoFi’s dub siren

GetLoFi has always been one of our first stops when looking for circuit bending fun. Their latest project is building this simple dub siren from a noise making key chain. Dub sirens or rasta boxes are a signature sound in dub reggae. The base of this project is an eight sound keychain. Each pad is wired to an eight position selector switch. The pitch resistor is replaced with a linear pot. One push button is used to replace the original eight and another is used for mute. Plug the 1/4inch jack into a delay pedal and you’re ready to rock. Check out the video below to see this particular box in use.


  1. dazed_maunder says:

    loved it fack with it some more and youll have it

  2. miked says:

    i approve of this post.

    dance hall sounds + hack = win

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    Someone ban miked’s account please? He’s a retard.

    Now pass that sucker to the left…

    eye-reee…da cool senseation!!

    Da ‘ositive ‘eyeration!

    from da meercham!

  4. buju banton says:

    Nice article found your site searching in google I think you could have taken a more neutral view.

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