Wii Fit Balance Board controls robot

More Wii Fit Balance Board hacks keep rolling in from Europe. We’re not sure we agree with [Juan Gonzales]‘s assertion that the Wii Fit Balance board is the best way to control robots, but we can’t deny how fun it looks. [Gonzales] managed to control a robot of his own design with the balance board, making it turn when he leans to the sides and moving forward and back when he leans in those directions.

The robot, which he calls SkyBot, is fairly impressive in its own right, built from a PIC microcontroller and featuring various infrared sensors and 6 contact sensors. The robot’s OS can be controlled from Windows, OS X, or Linux, but for this project, they used Debian. The balance board interfaces with a laptop connected to SkyBot; custom software (tar.gz file) to make this work was written in python, and is available on [Gonzales]‘s robot wiki, as well as instructions on how to build a SkyBot. It is in Spanish, however, so fire up Google Translate and get to work.

[via Balance Board Blog]


  1. sarsface says:

    Haha, what does he say at the end?

  2. Juan says:

    He says “la mejor manera de controllar robots!” Oh… you meant in English. “The best way to control robots!”

  3. mikemennell says:

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  4. monthlycheck says:

    Skybots are pretty impressive and does look like loads of fun ;)
    Wii Fit Balance Board

  5. Princessb89 says:

    You should have a robot war with the other guy that built a wii controlled robot.

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