Metasploit on the iPhone

[muts] went through some trials, but managed to get metasploit running on his iPhone. Later he found out that it comes with the Cyida installer that he used on his journal to manually install it. Still, it’s interesting to see these tools showing up on the platform.


  1. kwijibo says:

    metaspliot? check your spelling guys

  2. Brownjl01 says:

    Umm, not to be nit-pickey, (for some reason seeing it is driving me nuts) but you switched two letters in the ‘sploit part of Metasploit… (;

  3. mike says:

    Do I hear an echo…an echo…an echo…an echo

  4. BOFH says:

    This has been done my one of the main Dev from BackTrack III.

    Great work Muts…

  5. mr dizzler says:

    FYI: You can get “ANY” song on your iphone – Mobile Music(iPhone app), it’s free!!!

  6. mr dizzler says:

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