Black Ox robot for sale

Remember Gigantor, the anime about the original “Iron Man”? Fans of the show will want to take note: Vstone, maker of robots and other products, is now accepting orders for the Black Ox, Gigantor’s nemesis. It’s a real robot with 22 joints, and can be controlled via a wireless remote. The product can only be ordered online, and it’ll cost you a pretty penny. We hope you have $7,450 laying around. it’s $930 for the down payment. It’s as if the company were pretty much daring hobbyists to make their own cheaper versions. Street knowledge media has even more pictures.

[via CrunchGear]


  1. Jack says:

    now only if it could shoot lasers yo

  2. mike says:

    I’m sure it could be hacked like the robosapien to do all kinds of cool stuff. But would you really want to void the damn near $8000 warranty?

  3. miked says:

    i can’t take it any longer. i am starting my own site. check out

  4. aaron says:

    damn it miked is gone what will I do?

  5. Rip Tatermen says:

    What’s it run on, bagpipes?

  6. BlizzardDemon says:

    Wait, you mean miked is finally leaving us to make a clone site reposting posts he bitched about reposting!? Hallelujah!

  7. eMpTy says:

    I am soo gonna enjoy telling miked exactly which posts I “do not approve” of!!!

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