Toool picksets at The Last HOPE

Speaking of laser engraving, the blackbag blog announced that Toool has designed 2 unique picksets for The Last HOPE this year. First is the credit card sized snap-off set seen above. They have named this one The Last HOPE emergency pickset. The other pickset is a new version of the ‘double sided pick’ series. This set consists of picks with the same tool on either end, but they are sized differently. This set will contain 8 picks with promised improvements. If you are interested in more complex picks, check out the centipede.


  1. MikeFez says:

    Before some moron says something along the lines of “not a hack”, go to

  2. michaelb says:

    wow, preemptive strikes! But, more on topic, I wonder how durable these are… Would they actually withstand the forces required to pick a lock?

  3. Babak Javadi says:

    I am the one that took the photos you see, and I can assure you that these picks stand up to picking forces better than most commercial picks available. We designed the picks to be fully usable and not just a simple “novelty” like some other “business cards” out there. We’re very proud of them and are confident that the conference attendees will not be disappointed.

  4. TheBlunderbuss says:

    Felony territory here.

  5. Babak Javadi says:

    #4, please cite your legal references for this statement and clarify.

  6. Janez D. says:

    Kevin Mitnick had one of those or alike for business card when he was lecturing here in Slovenia..

  7. cde says:


    List plenty of states and their statures which involve lock picks. Some states make having lockpicks without a license an immediate crime. Other’s require you to have intent to commit a crime with them. All have cops who will fuck with you for having them.

  8. Bobcat, Billygoto and I played with these when Kevin Mitnicj used them as his business cards ( We did observe a couple problems. A) getting them through airport security B) The set is too flimsy use more than a MacGuyver situation.

  9. miles says:

    Tommee, you mean the set you used from kevin mitnicj was too flimsy?

    They claim this is made of steel that will last.

    Macguyver has piles of explosives and reels of hollywood movie special effects to get him out of any situation, we should all be so lucky to be in a macguyver situation ;)

  10. Babak Javadi says:

    Just to answer a few concerns that people seem to have, I thought I’d talk a bit about the strength.

    The type and thickness of steel used is the same steel we used for our full sized picks. The primary detractors of the “emergency set” are the size of the picks themselves, and the burrs that are on the picks once broken off. While they are more than adequate for an emergency situation, you’d want to sand them off for long term use.

    The full size picks do not have these issues.

  11. Eddy Harvey says:
  12. drkcreations says:

    Any chance the .dxf file for this credit-card-sized set will be published? Just asking, since TOOOL is an ‘open’ association. I have access to a laser cutter and would love to make one for myself. I’m guessing the material is something like .050″ spring steel or SS?

  13. PReDiToR says:

    Found this:

    And thought of this article.

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