8 thoughts on “UV drip bicycle tracker

  1. loosenut, exactly what I was thinking, surely it would’ve been better to have it drip directly onto the road or pull a 1-wheel trailer so the water drips onto that wheel.

    What exactly sort of hack is this? there’s not even any real article about the contraption, just a video and what’s with that? it just shows someone shining a blacklight onto a bike wheel with UV reactant dye on the tyre – where’s the video of the trail left by the tyre??
    Furthermore you’d need a pretty powerful blacklight to find & follow the path laid down by the tyre, and to prevent damage to your eyes some of those yellow UV filter glasses.

  2. Wasn’t this already done by “The Three Investigators”….

    Admit it, we all read those books as kids because they were totally better than the hardy boys.

  3. rats do pretty much the same thing, but with urine. they use it to navigate inside your walls and in your basement where it’s dark.

  4. It’s also not scalable, since you’d have a hard time tracking anything down if many people were using it in the same area.

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