Simple Xbox 360 rapid fire mod

Back in May we mentioned AcidMods’ spitfire mod that enabled rapid fire (amongst other things) and was undetectable by Xbox Live. The parts list was quite low, needing just a PIC16F84A and a few other components, which led to third parties selling controller mod kits on eBay. The AcidMods team has figured out a new way to enable rapid fire using just a momentary switch and the necessary wire to hook it up. All you need to do is wire in the switch between the ground on the controller LED and the middle pin on the trigger. The only caveat is that because it’s hardwired to the LED, you can only use the mod on the particular port you’re using the controller on.

The reason it’s so simple is because the Xbox 360 controller uses pulse width modulation to “dim” the LED on the controller, creating a rapid high/low signal. When the momentary button is depressed, it routes this rapid high/low signal to the trigger input on the controller, which is then input to the Xbox 360. Hit the read link for a couple more videos explaining this hack.

While this modification is undetectable by Xbox Live, it does create an unfair advantage in multiplayer gaming and could result in your account being banned.

[via Xbox-Scene]

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  1. rob says:

    Hack a day should be banned for having this on there website!!!

  2. jim says:

    yeah you are supposed to turn it off, thats the point of the button

  3. Odin84gk says:


    There are two kinds of pushbuttons. Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC). If you have a normally closed switch, then you will need to hold down the button. If you have a normally open, it will only work when you push the button.

  4. Aaron says:

    Hey I have a d1 controller
    will it work?
    It says d1 right next to the player 1 node thingy

  5. Nilanga says:

    Thanks you dear,
    but I saw 8 Modes Rapid Fire Controller HEX Code in ebay

    this man can upgrade his code withing one day :)

  6. Termn82r says:

    you nee to get a momentary push button which are at radio shack for 4.00 ask the clerk where to get them and they should be in a little tray

  7. jg says:

    Try for the best solutions for rapidfire.

  8. ... says:

    go to youtube and type in modded xbox 360 controllers and its the second video i believe,its 2 parts but if u go to the guys website hes very detailed and it wrks,so yea,lol

  9. ... says:

    nvm not the right vid,jus go to

  10. rhoskins57 says:

    i have a wireless controller that looks just like the 1 in the video and i sordered it just like he did in the video and the button works but it dont fire as fast as it should. Does anyone know why?

  11. Brandon says:

    I did this same mod on one controller it worked except it’s a d21 so I connected it to the r21 but the second hole under it worked for one controller but for the second the d21 light just comes on when button is pressed someone help please!!!

  12. Yerboogieman says:

    When you do this, will it work on a computer when hooked up, the rapidfire mod?

  13. Big Balla says:

    OMG What a Dumb @SS

  14. Ross says:

    Will this work on cod 6

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  16. wdfowty says:

    its all useless now, cod patched out the ability to do this by limiting how fast you can shoot. if you need this mod, you need to stop playing video games

  17. jake says:

    instead of soldering the other wire to the LED ground, you can solder it to either of the right side rumble pack (electric motor) pins. this way you can avoid ruining the LEDs which easily happens. also if done this way, you can still keep both rumble packs however maneuvering the momentary pushbutton underneath the electric motor and finding a spot to drill the hole is a bit tricky. for those wondering why speeds vary, it all depends on the controller itself and the specific model which is out of your control. this “short circuit” modification is strenuous on the battery and will drain in quicker, but not unreasonably quick. so the newer the battery the quicker it will fire. these supplies (unless you need a soldering gun) are under 5 dollars total at radioshack. i recommend 30 gauge wire and standard solder for electronics.

  18. Tom says:

    Good luck making a mod. Try looking on youtube

  19. candy kane says:

    HEY guys this really worked out well, I recommend anyone having any controller issues to try this method.

  20. spencer says:

    hi you know the controller what has a resister can you bring a vid out or tell me how to do it with a dieod add my msn or e-mail me please!

  21. fart says:

    It will work only if the controller is a tp3 controller

  22. Aaron says:

    i made this mod but it only wroks with one of my battery packs. i tried both rechargable and regular. help?

  23. Max says:

    hey it looks like you are only using Flux or how ever you spell it an not soldering wire. Does it work the same or do you have to solder it?

  24. coty says:

    go to and in the search bar type Termn82r and check out this mod. i did it and it is really easy and you dont need leds but you get the same effect for about 3$

  25. djex says:

    for all the morons saying it will stay on all the time until you push the button, try using a normally open push button instead of a normally closed one. This is not a fake, just a dodgy way of making it rapid fire. I have found any ground on the middle pin of the RT will work on the TP3 controller.

  26. Brandon says:

    Does this mod work for cod 6?

  27. Darnell says:

    What Push Button Is needed ?
    and ive done this before and my right trigger stop workin when i wasnt holin push button and gun fired automatically but when i held the puh button my right trigger worked Any ideas ??

  28. Steve says:

    Nice vid add me on 360 my gamertag is scubasegt84

  29. Andrew says:

    hey i dnt really get it maybe u can send me a clear video at my email or on youtube my channel is andrewguffey08 thx

  30. Dustin says:

    hey, i did this to my controller but when i connected the button… without pushing the button it shot and when i pushed it, it didnt shoot what’s wrong?

  31. slicky says:

    @Dustin………..your switch is naturally closed as oppesed to naturally open,

  32. Anthony says:

    does this work for Modern Warfare 2? Because me and my friend soldered it exactly where it should should be soldered, and put it back together legit. The circuit worked because when when we pushed the button, the LED light up, and it turned off when we had it off. When we went to test it out, all of the buttons worked like a controller but the rapidfire did not work. Help?

  33. anomomis#2345678 says:

    Its for noobs that are mad. kinda, naay, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy cheap (not talking bout the price) maybe free(still not talking bout the price

  34. jayson says:

    fake you can see him pause the camera then play it again

  35. ScMoGc0 says:


    i go to buy an half-working controller for 5€ i hope it will work :)

  36. Nick says:

    i cant get this to work with halo 3, all the momentary button does is act as the right trigger and only fires once with a pistol or any non-automatic gun instead of rapid fire!! Please help :)

  37. Ernie says:

    How would you six mode mod a controller

  38. DickTreasureChest says:

    This mod will only work on cod6 if you have paid for a 10th prestige account

  39. Boko says:

    Hey how can I get the “A” button to react as a turbo with this momentary push button? DOes anyone know?

  40. Matt says:

    Hi, i tried this and it is (kind of) working, im using a D21 controller model and i can play but it is extreamly difficult because the controller is contently syncing, un-syncing, syncing ect. Ant help plz contact

  41. Mike says:

    Hi im just wondering how i get the “trigger”? Where can i buy it? thankful for answer

  42. tom says:

    mike u can buy the trigger at any hardware store!

  43. allurbases23 says:

    this only works for tp3 controllers that is why when u press the button it fires one shot only and as for the momentary switch i salvaged mine out of an old ps2 controller (R3 “knife on CoD” button located under joystick ,tip on soldering try soldering wires onto momentary switch first then (with top of controller casing off turn on the controller and start a game”ex. MW2″ hold the wires to the soldering points and press the button to test it, if it doesn’t fire full-auto, the wires are probably backwards and when opening your controller try using a small phillips head screwdriver to break the security pins on the screws then use a T9 bit to unscrew them

  44. bihlcosby says:

    how do you know if its a tp3 and what type of wire did you use

  45. Taylor says:

    Where do I put the switch? And is there a way to make this work so I pull the trigger and rapid fire?

  46. handy helper says:
  47. Damon says:

    Hey i just wanna know if that gel you dipped the wire in before you soldered it the the point is that so it can be soldered without solder wire or do you just not need solder wire?

  48. Jake says:

    Uh, I’m vary nervous ofdoimg this to my controler, what wire do I use? Also, can I PLEASE have a JPG to where to solder?

  49. jj says:

    IT DOES ONT WORK! i have tried it in every way possible! WTF!

  50. nikkoli says:

    okay first of all i used 1 CG2 controler and worked pretty damn well im 16 and this is my first mod i did the pin trick i looked to see what i had here

    i dont know if i have a disfunctional controler but it will work but but it stops shooting so every once in a while it is other wise fully functional

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