Apple Newton dev kit?

[phooky] picked up this bizarre bit of dev hardware three years ago and isn’t really sure what it is. It has lots of general purpose switches, LEDs, and audio jacks. The processor is a StrongARM chip in a ZIF socket. It has two serial ports, a CF, and PCMCIA slot too. Commenter [Glen Raphael] says it looks a lot like the early prototype development boards for the Apple Newton which also used a StrongARM chip. It’s definitely an interesting piece of history. Make sure you check out the full item on NYC Resistor.


  1. Lynn says:

    He probably got it at Goodwill Computer Works in Austin Texas. Check out their vintage/rare systems, etc at the museum if you are ever in town.

  2. spaceballs says:

    It’s likely an Intel SDK Kit, It can run Windows CE on it, I’ve seen it have.
    Nothing special I would say.

  3. Jim says:

    It’s a PXA250, PXA255 development kit called Lubbock.

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