New from SparkFun

SparkFun is rolling out interesting things to play with every week. They’ve added a NanoMuscle actuator that uses a shape memory alloy to lift nearly 70 times its own weight. Their LilyPad collection has expanded to include small momentary switches and a thermistor type temperature sensor. Lastly, they’ve got an FM receiver module. It just needs an antenna and uses I2C or SPI for control.

3 thoughts on “New from SparkFun

  1. Wow, those muscle fibers make me wanna drool. They say they can lift 70grams, but I wonder if you can increase that by using abunch of them at the same time?

  2. if i had a nickle for every time sparkfun rolled out more junk i’d … well, spend all of those nickles at sparkfun. the nanomuscle is secks, and cheap, oh hells yeah.

    and yeah of course you can blizz, it’s kind of like umm…using both of your arms instead of one…

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