Upcoming events

It looks like it’s time to update our event list. Here are some hacking related events happening through the rest of the year.

  • ToorCon September 26-28 San Diego, CA – In its tenth year, ToorCon has always been one of our favorites. The conference is fairly small, but features great content like last year’s fuzzing talk.
  • Arse Elektronika (NSFW) September 25-28 San Francisco, CA – Happening the same time as ToorCon, this conference covers the sexual side of human and machine interaction. The device list has gems like The Seismic Dildo, which only turns on if there is seismic activity in the world.
  • Maker Faire October 18-19 Austin, TX – It’s Maker Faire! In Texas!
  • Roboexotica December 4-7 Vienna, Austria – The premier festival for cocktail robotics is also back for the tenth time. They’re always looking for more exhibitors. Check out our Hackit for ideas.
  • 25C3 December 27-30 Berlin, Germany I think we pretty much covered all the bases on this incredible conference yesterday.

Did we miss anything?


  1. Andrew says:

    It might not be as big as the other cons, but Phreaknic 12 is scheduled to take place October 24-25 in Nashville, TN.


  2. Derek Robson says:

    and in other parts of the world we have:

    Event: RUXCON 2008
    Date: 29 November-30 November 2008
    Location: Sydney, Australia
    Homepage: http://www.ruxcon.org.au


    Event: Kiwicon 2k8
    Date: 27th & 28th September 2008
    Location: Wellington, New Zealand
    Homepage: http://www.kiwicon.org

  3. garrett says:

    shdh 26 on august 30th in los gatos, ca

  4. sweeney says:

    Ohio Linux Fest is the 10th and 11th of October in Columbus Ohio.


  5. Taylor Alexander says:

    Arse Elektronica is absolutely amazing! I went last year and i am very much going again. Last year my friend got F**ked on stage by a robot! Oh, and the talks are excellent too. ;)

  6. nullset says:


    In atlanta Labor Day weekend. Don’t miss Arc Attack’s Singing Tesla Coils at the mad scientists ball!


  7. chapt3r4 says:

    Kiwicon 2k8
    New Zealand


  8. jo says:

    meta rhein main chaos days 111b
    5.-7. Sept

  9. nrp says:

    Not quite the standard Hack a Day fare, but theres going to be an OLPC Game Jam in Boston Aug 29-31. Rapid competitive game development on little green laptops.


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