Hack a Day t-shirt design contest update

We announced the Hack a Day t-shirt design contest last week and entries have been rolling in. Check out the updated contest post for logo images and the font. Here are couple of the entries we’ve received:

[by John]

[by evolve]

I think [Joel]‘s entry was in case we were handing out the prize at random.

Keep those entries coming and let your friends know about the contest too!


  1. I like the design by evolve. I can’t put my finger on it, but the black and green looks vaguely familiar. ;)

  2. sam says:

    are the top two the best ones so far?

  3. Sam says:

    I really like Johns the best. I would buy one for sure if that won!

  4. Daveron says:

    SO TOTALY AWESOME T Shirt evolve i would so purchase it.

  5. visionetiks says:

    Yeah I want evolve’s t-shirt too…

  6. spiderwebby says:

    we need a hack a day store!

  7. roto says:

    joels design made me gay

  8. Nold says:

    Love that one from evolve! Awsome! if i wouldn’t live in germany i would buy one T_T

  9. Pimpi_TAW says:

    Ok, so I am not really good at design, but joel’s design, just made me feel a lot more confident :)

    I will send you guys something soon!

  10. sean says:

    i love John and Evolve’s shirts, i would wear them both

  11. Man On Fire says:

    how about BOTH evolve AND john’s entry? they both rock.

  12. hack124x768 says:

    Can we get a hi-re *ahem* preview of evolve’s shirt for, em, “alpha testing”?

  13. carloscorp says:

    The t-shirt nº1 is verry good , i liked !

  14. JeeCee says:

    I really like them both.
    But I would rather buy the first one (from john) ’cause it’s nice and modern in red on grey.

  15. Now someone has to integrate the circuit outlined on evolve’s shirt into the fabric itself. now that would be cool.

  16. DreamKiller says:

    Evolve’s shirt is the epitome of all greatness. Nice work and I hope this wins, seeing it will cost me for pre ordering a dozen of these. Beef and Cheese!!!!

  17. za manda says:

    i submitted some designs, too…? i hope they were received.

    here were my 3 entries:

  18. za manda says:

    hmm… not sure if photobucket is down or if that just didnt work. so, here’s also where my designs are posted:

  19. spanky says:

    EVOLVE’S SHIRT ROCKS!!! Love the color and the design. Great job.

  20. ie says:

    [evolve's] design is great, but not so much as a *t-shirt* design. Although a t-shirt with that design would probably be ok, the real issue is that it isn’t very recognizable from a distance. The Hack A Day t-shirt is supposed to promote Hack A Day, right? People need to be able to see and recognize the logo and be able to read the text. It is a great design, though.

  21. PocketBrain says:

    I like [evolve]‘s design, but I gotta agree with [ie] that it isn’t recognizable from a ways off, and with such fine lines, the design would wear off in no time. I prefer [john]‘s design for that reason, although I would have placed it centered, with circuitry running off the edge.

  22. Delia says:

    Hi! I sent in a design about a week ago but don’t see it up. Did you guys get it, were there any problems with the file? Let me know :)

  23. Eli WInter says:

    Can I submit a design if I am with a T-shirt printer? I have been designing T-shirts since 1985


  24. Emily says:

    looking good

  25. May I know more about how to put your site as part of my rss reader? =)

  26. Cor says:

    Bit different. Not like many designs on the market.

  27. Simon says:

    Love to see more of these entrants. Can we expect some more soon?


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