Quick AVR

[Kyle Stewart] sent us this quick AVR project. He designed it to sit vertically on his breadboard to take up less space. It doesn’t use any surface mount components, to make the assembly easier. You can download the schematic, parts list, and eagle files for the project on his blog.


  1. Lupin says:

    What’s the buzz about all those AVR-PCBs and Arduinio clones? It’s just a socket for AVR, few connectors and most basic components. Not exactly ingenious.

    I am more interested in seeing real applications done with this.

    btw, this is a great AVR hack, not yet featured on hackaday (hint):

  2. Jacob Jarick says:

    I submitted the same hack 2 days ago for review :D.
    Ive just started playing with AVR’s myself.

  3. pip says:

    Wow, uzebox looks AWESOME!! ty for link.

  4. Miles says:

    @ the Uzebox, it looks like it can output S-Video as well :)

    This looks more than kick ass, is the parts list under $30? This would make a great addition to a handheld DIY system like one from Benheck.com

    It might even get me to learn C (finally)

  5. noah vawter says:

    pretty nice, but if you’d like to see lots of applications (GPS, accelerometers, high quality audio in and out for guitar FX, motor control, etc) and a beefier AVR:


  6. Lee Wilkerson says:

    The website link appears to be broken.

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