Google Chrome roundup

Google Chrome made a huge splash in the past week, but will it really change the way you browse, and convince you to switch from your current browser? For those who want to play with it but don’t want Google to completely take over their lives, Chromium is the open source project behind Google Chrome. Linux and OS X users can also run Chrome using WINE, although success is not guaranteed. To make an educated choice, read Scott McCloud’s comic which explains the underpinnings. Make sure you’re aware of Chrome’s security vulnerabilities, and take advantage of Lifehacker’s guide to make your browsing experience as convenient and useful as possible. There are some great features, including the ability to log into multiple Google accounts using its much-lauded Incognito mode, which prevents Google Chrome from logging information on your browsing and downloading habits (websites you browse can still track your information). For convenience, you can also install Chrome on a USB drive, and take it anywhere with you. Explore the many Google Chrome blogs that have popped up to provide advice on hacking and tweaking the browser. Or you could just get all your information from 4chan.


  1. Satiagraha says:

    The Google Chrome EULA and the lack of File menu killed it for me.

    Guess I’m still sticking with FF

  2. Wow, I can’t believe this, but I found something that no other site has mentioned yet. You can drag a tab off the Chrome window and it becomes a new window. You can also drag that window back to the tab bar.

  3. natb19 says:


    Ummm…. that’s cos it’s in the basic instructions…

  4. dcj2 says:

    Wow! I can’t believe this but sombody posted a comment
    about an undiscivered feature that was clearly explained
    in the documentation. Hidden in plain sight, indeed.

  5. dan says:

    Opera has has this feature for awhile.

  6. LouisII says:

    Must Bring own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. No reasonably important new features have I seen yet from it.

  7. The “incognito” mode is there in firefox as well, a bit hidden thoug.
    You need not wait for FF3.1 to get it, its
    See this:

  8. kzl says:

    Yea, most of the features I have heard about with crome
    already come in opera so I feel no reason to switch to it.

    For “incognito” i have had google web histroy turned off
    since it came out.

  9. Joe says:

    I thought the EULA was awesome, google has an amazing sense of humor.

  10. bob says:

    here is a google hack search inurl:/view/index.shtml
    on google,
    and it shows almost all webcams

  11. JavaNut says:

    Chrome doesn’t work with wine.. I tried and it came up with an error saying it didn’t support Windows 2000.

  12. Van says:

    does anyone know when the mac version will be released?

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