Wii backup ISO loader

The video above shows a new Wii backup loader that’s in development. It works via the easy to use Homebrew Channel we covered previously. From the news post it seems you have to rip the original game disc and then patch it before burning the copy. No release date has been set. As Nintendo Wii Fanboy put it, there’s much more interesting things to do with homebrew than wait for this to be released.

15 thoughts on “Wii backup ISO loader

  1. It’s not a ISO loader. It doesn’t load ISO files. It only read a game DVD using the DVD lecture Bug.

    It’s a Backup Loader. The main problem is the speed of the DVD reader (only 3x in this mode)

  2. @pip & cz-71
    He’s probably installed Starfall, which allows you to remove the menu BGM. It also makes your Wii 100% region free, which is relevant to this article.

  3. i have working homebrew on my wii but need some files or some type of idea how to play games that don’t work like red steal the zelda games, and the back up of my prince of persia can someone help me please

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