Daily photo aging project on steroids

We’ve seen those videos where people take a picture of themselves every day. [Dan Hanna] took it to a much further level.  He built a camera rig and took pictures of himself for 17 years.  That is not a typo, 17 years. The rig consists of a ring that holds two cameras opposing each other.  He centers his head facing a target that he increments around the ring every day before taking a picture.  The ring can be split into 4 sections for portability.  Check out the low resolution video after the break.

[via waxy]

15 thoughts on “Daily photo aging project on steroids

  1. What ingenuity to include two angles, and rotating! The effect of his hair growing is amazing, but it is sad to see him getting older, losing his hair, and getting flabbier. Dude, keep it up until your last days!

  2. wow… much better than some of the other videos ive seen out there. its funny to watch his hair go back and forth back and forth between long and short, sweet vid

  3. epic. that’s awesome. I liked watching his hair. once he started balding he started trimming more often, keeping it shorter. very cool. same with the facial hair.

  4. I’m sad that projects like this end up being thrown on YouTube instead of being shown in art museums, which is where something of this magnitude ought to be seen.

  5. tim: this is a preview, although it doesn’t look like he has any major plans for his final version,

    “17 years worth of taking 2 photos a day as my head rotates in sync with the Earth around the Sun. This is a non-dejittered, lo-res, highly compressed, preliminary version of a lifetime project. Later versions will have additional imagery throughout. More details are available on my website at:”

  6. You MUST show this at an art gallery. This is epic.
    This is even eulogoy material. I hope you have an idea of just how rare this is.

  7. wow, this is pure dedication

    lol 10/31/99 hes completely covered in foam at 1:01 it looks really funny

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