Accelerometer controlled pong

[Perry's] awesome AcceLED Pong project gives new life to a classic game by adding acceleration-based control. The pong paddles are moved by tilting the circuit left or right. Motion is measured by an ADXL203 dual axis accelerometer, and an ATMEGA32 microcontroller converts acceleration into ball and paddle movement. The game display is a three-color SparkFun 8×8 LED matrix with serial interface.

[Perry] also used a similar setup to make a USB LED spectrum analyzer fed by the Linux XMMS media player.


  1. Trez says:

    what’s that cat doing there? does it play pong?

  2. Bjonnh says:

    They made 3d games using accelerometers for playing (… I don’t find this trick is useful nor interresting… Made it with really small components and fit it on a thing just the size of the matrix and it may be interresting, but this thing could have been done 10 years ago with mercury switches…

  3. whitespacepolice says:

    just because it has been done or could be done already by somebody doesn’t make it not worthwhile to do for whoever made it. the whole spirit of the diy community is doing things for FUN. whether or not it interests you is completely irrelevant.

  4. rivetgeek says:


    You are more than free to go ahead and post YOUR novel and new hardware hacks…

  5. Dosbomber says:

    Seems difficult to control. If you tilt it with more or less speed, does the paddle move faster or slower? Nice project though.

  6. thekanester says:

    Yay, to the developer of this and shame on the naysayers. Get off your lame arses and make something worth showing yourselves…I didn’t think so.

    Nice little project.

  7. canhaz says:

    The cat is the actual narrator.

  8. walt says:

    very cool. nicely done. no disrespect, but is this really a hack?

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