6 PC render farm in one clear case

Normally case mods are all show and no go, but [Fredrik Perman] and [Michael Stabile] took their old render farm and made it a working showcase for the front lobby. This is a perfect combination of function, beauty, and practicality. It is a great conversation piece, allows easy working access, and provides a tremendous space savings in one sweet looking wall-mounted case. The frame is aluminum, the back consists of sheets of polished diamond plate, with a clear acrylic sheet for a cover. The case sides are left open to allow the blue LED fans to circulate air. Cooling a render farm crammed in a closet can be quite difficult, but isn’t a problem with this open design. This build is also much prettier and maybe more manageable than the setup in ExtremeTech’s Build Your Own Render Farm article.

There are a few more pictures after the break.


  1. michael says:

    wooo number one. thats a nice case modd, seen some wall pc’s before but this takes the cake

  2. Markyb86 says:

    This is definitely something so consider for redundancy on my home servers!

  3. Emanuel says:

    Wow, this looks great. something i might do over a weekend

  4. Nubie says:


  5. aztraph says:

    with power like that, why don’t you have a hi-def or plasma wide screen? I mean sure it’s cool an all but even a 21″ monitor wouldn’t quite cut it, you need at least a 60″ screen to balance the whole system. get yourself a wireless keyboard and mouse, surround sound system and you can do all the graphics, gaming and movie watching you want to, an probably all at the same time without taxing your resources. I would personally prefer an AI to run the house for me and run my iron man suite,Amp it up, jarvis!

  6. barry99705 says:

    I dont’ think he watched movies on it….

  7. anonymous says:

    Seeing as it’s in the lobby of their office, I don’t think many movies are watched, nor would they need a 60″ plasma. doesn’t anyone actually read the articles?

  8. underdog says:

    I want to know why they didn’t include at least one high-end graphics card if they’re using this all for rendering. I can see if they were using this for FAH, but wouldn’t it make sense to toss in a couple of video cards per to help with the video rendering?

  9. Caleb Kraft says:

    For rendering in 3D applications, graphics cards are unnecessary. If it were for real time graphics that would be a concern.

  10. VoDkA says:

    It reminds me of the combine terminals from hl2. The blue lighting and open-ness make it look clean. Truly an improvement over an ikea drawer.

  11. Clark says:

    Javis – your an idiot. Its a Renderfarm
    Underdog – ditto.

    No matter how good a job somebody does on something, some moron thinks they know better and end up looking stupid by posting comments like those. Its a Renderfarm in their front lobby, most likey somebody in the renderfarm service, or CAD/CGI industry. I am sure they don’t want to watch HD movies or play games in front of their customers.

  12. Someone says:

    How do you know they didn’t include a high-end graphics card? It doesn’t even say.

  13. Nate says:

    such beauty deserves to be on the wall…

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