Helix V2.0 released

Helix 2.0 has been released.  Helix is a collection of various tools for electronic forensics.  Just like on TV, you can use this to find all kinds of information on a computer.  Some of the useful tools added were Winlockpwn a tool for breaking windows security, Volitility which processes data out of the raw memory, and several other tools that are beyond our comprehension.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that the title says Helix V2.0, but the image and header of the Helix site say 3.  We have no idea why. Look at the download info to see that it says V2.0.

[Via Midnight Research labs]


  1. arthur92710 says:

    humm the servers must be crowded. download is going at only 11.5kb/s. or its just a problem at my end anyone can confirm?

  2. omgn0tahax! says:

    helix 3 = helix 2.0?

  3. djlspider says:

    Servers aren’t crowded, they just suck. Come back next month, and it will be just as slow.

  4. Rurik says:

    Helix is a trademarked name, so they used Helix3. The 3 refers to the three areas in which it is marketed (under the name in the image). IR, e-Discovery, and forensics.

  5. paul says:

    hmm, seems like the download link autoredirects to different mirrors; if you get a slow connection try again; i’ve gotten anywhere from 250kbps to 1.2kbps and even one missing version on an indiana server

  6. cixteen says:

    looks like the download server crashed. I get a file not found error when I click on the link, on here and on helix’s site.

  7. nnaarrnn says:

    i’m getting it at 1535KBps (1.5MB/s)

  8. nnaarrnn says:

    that should be MB above

  9. nnaarrnn says:

    why won’t it capitalize?

  10. barry99705 says:

    They have capitalization turned off… You haven’t noticed yet? It’s not that we’re lazy, well mostly…..

  11. nnaarrnn says:

    I dont post often enough to know. I mainly observe and hack away…

  12. Ganson says:

    Wow, only $275 for a “Professionally pressed Helix Incident Response, Electronic Discovery, Live Forensics CDROM. One bound Manual and an official Black Helix T-Shirt.”

    What a rip.

  13. BigBalls says:

    I am recieving upwards of 600kbs

  14. Phil K. says:

    “What a rip.”

    Like how you can pay for OpenBSD CD’s, even though they can be D/L’d free. Sometimes it’s nice to support the project and the efforts behind it too ya know.

    But $275 is a might steep in my opinion too…

  15. cberkop says:

    This is Awesome software. Drew does all this for no charge (if you download) on his spare time. if you are lazy enough to want to get the pressed CD you can pay the price. This CD has saved my bacon in investigations a couple of times. If you thing the $275 is steep but want to help support the efforts, check the forums out and you can find out you can help.

  16. Bjonnh says:

    380 kbytes on wifi in my university.

    The previous version saved my life (and the one of some of my friends).

    $275 is a little bit expensive I think, but I think I would ask people I help with it to donate for this project.

  17. Dale says:

    Just so you guys know, They seem to have ripped their Site code from another site. I personaly would never trust a site “company” that cant even make their own site.

    Origin: http://www.pixelmator.com
    Destination: http://helix.e-fense.com/
    Proof: http://helix.e-fense.com/i/

    They Left the links to Pixelmators screenshots on their code. Have fun.

  18. skynet says:

    so what maybe they liked the site so much they wanted theirs to look like that too. Not everyone has time to do things from scratch

  19. dcj2 says:

    “I personaly would never trust a site “company” that cant even make their own site.”

    yeah, cuz nobody ever uses the same template as someone else. Don’t they self-destruct or something after the first use?

  20. just seen this on twitter cheers for the info.

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