Controlling a Doepfer modular synth with a Wiimote

The Wiimote has turned out to be very versatile indeed. This video shows someone using it to control his modular synth. There is not a lot of artistic jamming going on, but explains in fair detail how to set it up. If you want to see Isadore getting down, check this out.

[thanks Louis]


  1. dandin1 says:

    The part with the nunchuck is like a sort of digital theremin!

  2. dandin1 says:

    Nevermind that comment–Looking at the Youtube page it would seem it was a bit too obvious. :p However, I would love to see him jam on the wiimote itself, those few seconds in the middle sounded great!

  3. Xeracy says:

    Any link to the glovepie script??

  4. srilyk says:

    This is a *really* cool concept.

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