Prototype This premiers tomorrow

Discovery Channel’s new show Prototype This premiers tomorrow night at 10e/p. Every week the team will construct a new piece of unique machinery. The schedule for the first six episodes has already been published.

  • Mind Controlled Car, October 15
  • Boxing Robots, October 22
  • Traffic Busting Truck, October 29
  • Get Up and Go, November 5
  • Waterslide Simulator, November 12
  • Six-Legged All Terrain Vehicle, November 19

We initially reported on the show in August because it featured Defcon badge designer [Joe Grand].

UPDATE: [Joe] will be posting all of his schematics, source code, development notes, etc.


  1. Jack says:

    I don’t normally watch TV at all, but I will totally tune in for this.

  2. Definitely looks like a good show, I will be recording it for sure…

  3. Jack says:

    Also, heres to hoping it doesn’t have an annoying voice-over like Mythbusters.

  4. amk says:

    Looks promising. I’m not sure how exciting watching them solve network problems in the second preview was….but yeah, looks promising.

  5. Alekoy says:

    Discovery has allready run this for 3-4 weeks now, seen parts of “Boxing robots” and “traffic busting truck”
    the truck was kind of funny, but the design had its flaws… :P

  6. macegr says:

    I saw Joe’s name come through on an order for (to be unnamed) electronic gizmos, at work earlier this year (haha, I know the address of the secret warehouse). Anyway, I’ve been excited to see this show since they held auditions down at Techshop. I think they played around at Techshop for a while, getting the hang of things, before moving their own shop up to Treasure Island. The show has a pretty Mythbustery feel to it, though it’s really supposed to have a different goal. In Mythbusters, gadgets are tools that help prove or disprove “popular theories.” In Prototype This, the gadget itself is supposed to be the focus. Basically, it’s going to be Mythbusters minus the explosions, rushed science, and hot chicks. Just gadget-building.

  7. Joe Grand says:

    Hey guys – for what it’s worth, to support the technically-inclined and curious that will be watching the show, I’ll be posting all of my engineering contributions (schematics, source code, development notes, etc.) to the builds on my website here:

    Hope you guys enjoy the shows!


  8. sweet… I gotta remember to setup my SageTV box to record…

  9. Cross says:

    I enjoyed Joe’s talks at Defcon and would love to watch the show. Any chance that they will be streamed by Discovery later ?

  10. Stu says:

    So what’s it going to take to campaign the Discovery network to show it over here in the UK? There’s no sign of it on the UK schedules.
    Hardly worth the effort- that is unless some enterprising fellow will be archiving it and putting it up on the internet somewhere… nudge nudge etc – its not like I don’t pay for discovery show content, as I get the channel on my Sky subscription.

  11. Peanut says:

    Let’s hope it appears on some kind torrent site for us UK viewers! :-)

  12. ruinz says:

    how is it that every time a good show comes along
    it never shows up in Canada. Foiled again by the
    TV companies.

  13. I just watched the pilot, and had generally good vibes about it… They had an interesting explanation of threading of processes that would have made sense to a 2 year old almost…


  14. tom61 says:

    Definitely orientated towards children and/or the non-technical. Only a small mention of the technical details, and very dumbed down.

    The average Monster Garage or Junkyard Wars episode had more of the inner-workings of the builds on the screen than this episode. The site linked above seems neat, but I don’t recall of any mention of the site on the show itself. Some more screen time with the “development notes” shown on the site would go a long way to make it more to my likes.

    Right now the gap between the knowledge level the show is targeted at and the knowledge needed to interpret content on the site is huge.

  15. tom61 says:

    Ack. The site Joe linked is his notes, the official fan site is a flash-tastic nearly knowledge-less mess.

  16. Sam says:

    FYI, it’s “premieres”, not “premiers”. The latter is the plural for head of state, or winner of a premiership competition.

  17. Gizer20 says:

    Hey anybody knows where find the all episode ready to download?? the problem is that i’m from spain and i can’t see the show on regular tv, and me and my class have a lot of interest to see it

  18. Haku says:

    I’ve just finished watching the first ep, enjoyed it and definitely looking forward to the future episodes.

    Did anyone else see that (god awful) series “Smash Lab”? this reminds me a bit of that show (heck knows how they secured a 2nd series!), except the Prototype This presenters appear to have a much better rapport with each other (and competence at their job) than the Smash Lab presenters.

  19. Ralf says:

    Am I the only person who can’t find the second or third episodes available on any of the normal torrent sites ?

    What’s happened here ? I’m in the uk and 90% of the TV I watch is downloaded as torrents. The first episode of Prototype This! was great and I’m desperate to see the rest.

  20. Monkeyboi says:

    Same problem here raif, seems like only the first episode is available everywhere. I’m desperately trying to find all the other episodes before everyone loses interest, but I don’t think anyone is working on it. I know you can watch full episodes on… I’ll give it a try.

  21. Sadness says:

    This show just got aired recently in australia….
    Me sitting excitedly at home!

    *downloads season 1*

    Realises the show has been cancelled for 2 years.



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