Tiny Arduino ethernet board

[sgk] built this tiny ethernet board to be used with the Arduino. It’s based on a WIZnet W5100 chip. The chip handles all of the TCP/IP communication and you talk to it via SPI. It’s compatible with the standard Arduino ethernet library. [sgk] hand soldered these boards including the 80pin LQFP main chip. His next project is to put the AVR and W5100 all on the same board. It sounds like he’ll use components larger than 1005 though.


  1. Odin84gk says:

    I know it’s not in the hacking spirit, but you could buy an actual module for $15.90 from the chip company. Its not certified Arduino, but who cares. http://www.ewiznet.com/goods_detail.php?goodsIdx=114

  2. zach says:

    @odin84gk that looks pretty promising. 40 bucks for a XPort module always seemed expensive, when I could just use a computer as a proxy. I think I could live with $16, though.

  3. macegr says:

    This article inspired me to finally read the datasheet I had lying around for the Wiznet 5100, and I now have some big plans for this chip.

  4. follower says:

    If you’re planning to use the module you might find some of my stuff of use:



  5. Kyle says:

    @Odin84gk arduino is mentioned because that bit will click into the arduino. Personally I’m surprised I can’t buy a preassembled shield with a w5100 onboard.

  6. rasz says:

    hmm whats the max thruoutput I can get with this chip?

  7. That’s very nice work for a hand job. I wish I had that kind of skill with a set of irons.

  8. jimmys says:

    rasz- their website indicates 50Mbps. that’s bits not bytes.

  9. jimmys says:

    dan- quality hand jobs require patience and practise. The first few I did, I rushed and it showed but I kept with it and now i’m quite proud of the techniques i use. when the boss needs a good hand job, I’m the one he calls first.

  10. cde says:

    Time for a captcha….

  11. odin84gk says:

    “when the boss needs a good hand job, I’m the one he calls first.” -jimmys

    You can’t take that one back. :-D

  12. jimmys says:

    odin84gk- I don’t get it, can you explain it to me?

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