Flaming Lips Guitar Hero mod

Here’s a fun little suprise that showed up in a recent Flaming Lips interview. Frontman Wayne Coyne built this custom guitar rig out of a double-necked Epiphone. It has a neck from a Guitar Hero controller, which triggers a built in KORG Kaossilator touchpad synthesizer. Checkout the video interview at around 1:55 for a demo. He went with the Guitar Hero controller because he feels that it’s replacing regular guitars in childrens’ perception of how guitar is played.

[via Joystiq]

16 thoughts on “Flaming Lips Guitar Hero mod

  1. this actualy makes me kinda mad i mean those doble necks are pretty rare he should have made the doble neck too then it would be cool

  2. is he actually triggering anything with the key strokes or is he simply playing the kaossilator?
    2:50 – “and then when you act like you’re playing…”

  3. I’m doubting the article… i don’t think the guitar hero neck triggers the kaosillator, as what voinivich said.

  4. concur 100% with above anon
    but i play guitar and i’m not really sure the two dimensional expression of a guitar is compatible with the three dimensional expression of a kaoss pad, I mean it’s a different mindset when you’re playing guitar than a kaoss pad, even if Manson guitars IS well known for the combo; as GODLY as their guitars are, I just dont know.
    oh yeah and double neck guitars?
    I know what you’re going to say “led zeppelin”
    ….no ok?
    he just did it cuz it looked cool
    ever since the chorus pedal who the hell needs a 12 string 6 string hybrid?

    oh my i’ve overstayed my welcome


  5. double necks rare? are you kidding? the even sell them at guitar center.

    and if you want a 3 neck you can always have one built, it’s not like all the guitar makers were killed right after they make something out of the ordinary.

    Anyone can have even a cheap trick 6 neck guitar if they pay for it.

    Honestly it’s eithera really early prototype or a marketing thing. Why would he use the crappy neck and buttons of a GH controller? drill and install real fret keys to make it usable over a year of concerts.

  6. Important note to EVERYONE who wants to be a camera operator someday: hold the f’ing camera steady for 15 freaking seconds, will ya?!?

    How come every movie or tv show that wants to be “edgy” decides that shaking the camera like a g.d’ed earthquaked is the way to do it?


  7. Anyone who says this is just a “prototype”, or a “bad idea” or whatever doesn’t get the idea of The Flaming Lips. Wayne is a guy who opens a show by crowd surfing in a hamster ball. He modified a US army Taps bugle ( http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/techinnovations/2004-06-22-bugle_x.htm ) to make other sounds. He’s got a megaphone that has a smoke charge and confetti. The guitar hero mod is just another cool trick to bring out in a show.

  8. I just don’t understand! The Flaming Lips have always been about serious serious business! Why would Wayne Coyne make an instrument that isn’t 100% practical? It just doesn’t make any sense!

    If your computer is smoking or your brain is slapping itself, it’s because of the sarcasm overload it is now receiving.

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