TISCH, multitouch framework


[floe] wrote in to tell us about his multitouch based thesis work. While many projects have focused on the hardware side of multitouch, TISCH is designed to promote the software side. TISCH is a multiplatform library that features hardware abstraction and gesture recognition. This takes a lot of weight off of widget developers since they can specify known library gestures instead of writing the exact motions from scratch. Using TISCH also means a standard set of gestures across multiple widgets, so the learning curve will be much easier when a user tries out a new app. If you’re researching multitouch, check out this project and help improve the codebase.

7 thoughts on “TISCH, multitouch framework

  1. So when are they going to combine this with smart paper? It would be pretty sweet to have google maps on a real honest to god folding map.

  2. is there foldable smart paper? Cause it wouldn’t be very hard to add capacitive touch to it, then you hook it all to a small wearable computer. Must go do research now ^_^

  3. is it just a coincidence that tisch is an acronym for “Tangible Interactive Surfaces for Collaboration between Humans” and also means “table” in German?

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