Processing 1.0

Processing, the open source programming language designed for artists and other creative types, finally went 1.0. Processing inspired numerous outpourings of creativity and beauty, from interactive art installations to sound sculptures. Improvements to Processing include OpenGL anti-aliasing, an extensible Tools menu, and the XML library included by default. You can read up on the changes or download Processing and start playing with it yourself.

[via Create Digital Motion]


  1. Tricky says:

    This was a triumph.

  2. timour says:

    “An error occurred while starting the application”

  3. crx says:

    i’m making a note here:
    “huge success!!”

  4. A says:

    Its hard to always state my satisfaction

  5. Peter Kirn says:

    Timour: check the troubleshooting section.

    If Java isn’t installed correctly, you’ll definitely have a problem. On Windows in particular, install “with Java” / not expert. Could be something else depending on platform, but it is pretty well documented.

  6. ross says:

    aperture science

  7. nick says:

    we do what we must because, we can

  8. themartix says:

    I have the same error as timour, launch4j: “An error occurred..” only with Processing 1.0 not with 0148. Someone knows a solution?

  9. Aaediwen says:

    For the good of all of us
    Except the ones who are dead

    Honestly, I’ll need to check this out, looks neat :)

  10. kyle007 says:

    but there’s no sense crying over every mistake
    you just keep on trying until you run out of cake

  11. draeath says:

    And the science get’s done, and you make a neat gun,

    For the people who are still alive!

    See what you started?
    Oh, and ‘a': I think it’s “hard to overstate” not “hard to always”

    I’ll have to check this out.

  12. neimad says:

    The demo scene laughs at ‘processing’ and the fact that newbies are so easily impressed.

  13. Aaediwen says:

    yeah, it’s ‘hard to overstate my satisfaction’

    Ya know, I don’t think this is meant to compare with demo scene code. Just a neat artistic tool for graphic arts perhaps.

  14. ITT5672 says:

    Processing is great for making webcam applications. I for one am excited about the new release.

    I’m being so sincere right now.

  15. mr chimpy says:

    a heart made of ginger pubes convinces me

  16. captain says:

    I’m not impressed. Unless the programmers make it as powerful as Flash’s Actionscript or as simple as RenPy, I don’t see any future for it

  17. 5566 says:

    @captain: 3 years ago when I first time tried processing I had the same feelling as you. But now, I regret not taking it seriously back then. For one thing I’m sure is that, Processing is more powerful than actionscript because it’s Java. And I recently found out, it’s much easier to programme compared to actionscript. You won’t know how good it is unless you go and try it yourself.

    @timour: for the launch4j error, I’m having the same problem. I suspect it’s because I changed the preferences before. I accidentally found out if you just double click at the .pde files, precessing starts properly.

  18. Nik says:

    Nice heart rendering!…

    Here’s the credits for that work:
    (CC) Nik Rowell ;)

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