12 thoughts on “Gamecube controller for the Wii

  1. Definitely a great concept, and definitely useful. However, SSBB and Mario Kart Wii support the use of plain old GameCube controllers natively. So, if you’re only itching for those two games, just plug in the GC controller to the ports on top of the Wii. For VC games, etc., this hack will work well.

  2. Wavebirds are easy to find just search google shopping. Also that is far from wireless…you are still tethered to the wiimote and the converter box. Anyone else think it would be far easier (and much better looking) if a wiimote or a classic controller was gutted and placed in the shell of a gamecube controller?

  3. I am still not sure if I get the point of this…
    Why again couldn’t he just plug it into the top of the Wii? Or buy a third party wireless controller? Or buy a wavebird? All of the VC games I have played have allowed the use of the Gamecube controller instead of the classic controller.

  4. I don’t think all VC games work with with the gamecube. Actually I don’t believe any do.

    What I wouldn’t mind seeing though is a way to play GC games with the classic controller.

  5. Wow impressive, except for that i can do that by inserting my wavebird and other wired controllers in the top of the wii. We dont need to reinvent teh wheel here. I only use the wireless controller to start the wii i hate them. Normal controllers are much better for brawl.

  6. Interesting hack. Not the most practical ever, but you do get the benefit of controlling the Wii Menu with a GC controller — a Wavebird or other GC controller can’t control the menu for some reason.

    I was hoping this was someone implementing the Wii Remote control protocol to control non-Classic enabled games when I first saw this.

  7. cool idea. i was thinking about something like this when i realized my gc controller didn’t work in the menu. (why did they leave this out??)

  8. The real achievement here is him reversing the wiimote’s extension encryption. Homebrew uses a fixed seed, for which we know the de/encrypt function. Commercial games use a random seed, and we previously didn’t know how to make a compatible encrypted stream, given a random seed.

  9. only thing i saw that i liked is that you could browse the main menu with the gamecube controller. the rest you can already do with a gamecube controller, no exposed boards required :/


    ” the most interesting bit was”
    ” yes i agree that is correct ”


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