Upgrade an electric lock keypad


[OldGrover] bought a Weiser electronic lock. Only 6 months after installing it, the keypad stopped working. Instead of just accepting this, [OldGrover] built a better button pad for his lock.  He decided to go with big push buttons instead of a similar to stock membrane system. After tracing out where the original buttons connected, he attached his new buttons and enclosure. Pretty simple really but it fixed the problem and kept the lock out of the landfill. Now, he has a unique looking keypad on his front door.


  1. Mad says:

    All I have to ask is what happens when the batteries run out?

  2. iben says:

    ^^^ exactly what I was thinking!

  3. PvP says:

    i see potentiality in this but when that battery runs out, it’s gg for getting into that room. would recommend a fail safe switch.

  4. wb says:

    apparently none of you noticed the keyhole on the outside.

  5. Del says:

    The key still works from the outside. This just attaches a motor to the lever on the inside of the door.

  6. rivetgeek says:

    All of these locks have a key bypass as well as some have an external connector for a 9 volt.

  7. Andrew says:

    So you’re saying this “key” is the failsafe?

  8. chamunks says:

    This doesent need so much as a failsafe. They dont run on ultracaps they run on batteries. Unless the unlikely event of the hardware failing entirely without warning you can tell by the sound of the motor inside the device how the batteries are doing. If it sounds like its struggling to turn the lock than once you get inside you change the battery. But you could allways hardwire it into your house. Or just carry the key with you or try the whole hidden failsafe key under a rock trick.

  9. roosta says:

    we have electric locks at out uni. to enter you use a card, but if the batteries are running low it flashes both red and green lights when you enter. then you know you godda change the batteries. i wanna find out how to open it though, cos then i can put some dead batteries in it, call maintinance to replace them, and get 6 brand new and free batteries!

  10. Dano says:

    I have one of these locks, and got tired of punching in numbers. purchased an rfid reader on ebay for $14, hooked it to the unlock pads on the inside portion of the lock and now I have an rfid unlock for the front door. (yeah, i know rfid isn’t perfect for security, but I’m not really a target.)

  11. joel says:

    hi do u know how to build or where to get that kind of device which has a card attached to it that when u put the card in it crackes the code en opens the door

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