Wii Drum High, Wiimote drumming

[HE Zao] sent us this sweet Wiimote Drum kit. You’ll nee a Wiimote, a Nunchuck, and a Balance Board to use with the the Wii Drum High software. You get a Hi-hat, snare, bass drum, crash cymbal, ride cymbal, mid tom, and low tom. You can even connect multiple sets, up to 4. Download the software from the site and get started.


  1. MG says:

    Ah, if only Wii Music was something this sophisticated, I might have bought it…

  2. Tecratal says:

    Ugh another wiimote drum kit clone. There are tons of these and they are all almost the same sadly. Since the wiimote is not accurate enough they are all based around button presses. For example hold z for crash and nothing for regular snare. It doesn’t matter where you swing them around it just detects the downward motion as the trigger and the button you are holding controls what you are hitting. Hopefully when wii motion plus comes out we will see something that resembles something more similar to drums instead of random flailing combined with button pressing.

  3. rudeface says:

    man, i’d love to know if you can replace the drum kit with custom ones, be nice to perform with it.

  4. Tecratal says:

    Just use glovepie to send midi signals to your program of choice it can sound however you want.

  5. Toast says:

    i cant wait until this stuff is fine tuned to become a standard. its amazing how far we have come in technology. We can display images on man made paper, we can fly a robot to mars, and now we can rock out with fake drum sets lol. Honestly though this is pretty neat and i see potential (and some rockstar using this in some youtube video)


  6. _matt says:

    I can’t get it to work.

    64-bit xp, installed .net 3.5

    Guess it won’t work on 64-bit os?

  7. bryan says:

    can u give the tutorial for play the game??

  8. Princessb89 says:

    Craptacular and utterly useless. At least use a rock band kit.

  9. Princessb89 says:

    But respect to the creator of the software

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