Xbox 360 portable


A couple months ago we posted [Ben Heck]‘s in-progress photos of his Xbox 360 laptop (with links to his other versions). He’s just put the finishing touches on it, and dubbed it the Xbox 360 Portable. It has a removable hard drive on top and memory slots on the side. The webcam is embedded in the frame and there’s internal WiFi. With chatpads available now, he’s decided not to include a keyboard. It’s really a nice machine. Check out the video below for a tour of the system.


  1. redryno1221 says:

    Awesome…yet another xbox ‘portable’ that looks great! if only microsoft would do this…

  2. nick says:

    I WANT ONE, i want one now. I would be willing to buy it. I would be willing to make one if i had the plans.

  3. DigitalKlepto says:

    I want one.

  4. Devilpigeon says:

    i’d love to have one aswell. looks pretty sweet.

  5. JON says:

    Mr Heck is than MAN? Did you check out his website too? LLLLLLOOOTTTSSS of mods.

  6. error404 says:


    And every single one appears on hAd. We get it already, if I cared about his stuff I’d follow his own RSS feed.

  7. JB says:

    Nice hack!

  8. Sammy says:

    Wow, yet another very slick hack from Ben Heck.

  9. incognito says:


    then why do you follow hack-a-day if not for the beautiful hardware hacks/mods like b.heck’s work?!?

    the dude (heck) is GREAT at what he does. if you have something better, please submit.

  10. magnus says:

    dude this is awsome, i really wish i had 1 and i really think that you should mass produce them as i would definitley buy 1, and is there a headphone socket

  11. strider_mt2k says:

    Ben Heck rules, seriously.

    He’s done so much impressive stuff that I’m sure even a tour of his failures would be highly interesting and informative.

    Indeed, someone needs to do a formal interview with the man, in depth with video!

  12. i_c_c says:

    That is very nice work.

  13. happypinguin says:


  14. hmmmm says:

    id like to see him make a ps3 laptop with linux ubunta not yellowdog that be sweet

  15. metalicaman8 says:


    if you have something better i would love to see it

  16. Mono says:

    beautiful work… cant believe anyone wouldnt love one of these, might be a bit pricey but all together awesome design. i would love to see the ability to hook it up to a hdtv for normal use as well, maybe a built-in usb hub, and id say it could prove itself as a new console form factor.

    great mod ****

  17. Sammy says:

    People who say this is useless….well your useless!

  18. 101001 says:

    You guys think that would be pricey but its gota
    be cheaper than an alienware laptop right!

    Benheck if you ever read this send me an e-mail
    i’ll pay whatever you want for one!!!
    Top HACK dude,

    Microsoft seem to forget what gaming is all about.
    Like being anywhere playing XBOX doesn’t get any

  19. Cheesehead says:

    Hey….What Carroll Shelby did for Ford Mustang…Ben Heck could do for Microsot…
    custom design, limited editions, bells & whistles, etc…place your bets!!!!

  20. error404 says:

    i think he does great work, i just don’t need to see all of his posts syndicated at hackaday.

    technically, his hacks are boring. he takes existing electronics and repackages them. whoopty-doo. yea, they’re pretty and well done, but not interesting as far as hardware hacking is concerned.

    e.g. spritesmods stuff all gets syndicated here, but that stuff is actually cool and original

  21. conj says:

    very nice, i love all these things ben heck builds

  22. strider_mt2k says:


    Nice of you to boil all the man’s work down to “repackaging”.


  23. DrGerm says:

    That is seriously about the coolest thing I’ve seen in months…

  24. Wow, thats so great.
    Heaven for game lovers.

  25. Isaac says:

    This idea is awesome! I’d buy one. Nice idea Heck. Who ever thinks this idea is a useless one well lets just say Ive got something to say to you.YOU CAN GO TO HELL FOR THINKING SUCH A THING! I HOPE YOU DIE AN UNHOLY GAMERS DEATH IN EVERY SINGLE VIDEO GAME YOU PLAY! YOUR AN UNGREATFUL PEICE OF MONKEY SH*T! YEAH, I SAID IT. WHAT BOY WHAT! Thank you for your time.

  26. happyhacker says:

    i think that mirosoft should start mass producing these things soon or people will learn to make them themselves.

    ben heck wroks!!!

  27. fukdat says:

    First I would like to say this man works in one word on this Hack is awesome not just cause its great hack he thought outside of the box and made something that in all honesty every gamer would want and Damn right buy! People who are hating on it are one jealous they didn’t think of it first and 2 they
    ain’t got the time or dedication to build it themselves ‘HATERS’….IF he mass produce this hes going to make millions …..GREAT WORK!

  28. Graz Yo says:

    i would buy one for $1500-$2500!!!

  29. Bob says:

    where can you can one?

  30. Online izle says:

    Woow very nice..

  31. Aaron says:

    you know that’s not a bad idea. why hasn’t Microsoft pulled there head out of their ass make a mint in selling portables … very well designed

  32. bugkilla420 says:

    should definately go for 22 in hdtv or maybe a external vdieo output for use on a second tv/ to give more room for aded features like a battery charger or an internal switch for system link. maybe… i think you can use usb hard drives as well to increase usb ports for other usb devices.. again these are only recommendations and i understand u wanted to keep it simple. its a beautiful machine i applaud u i surely do.

  33. HiityPerson dude guy(not real name) !! says:

    I know a great factory in china owned by a friend of mine, and im preeety suuuure hell be able to make this on a retail price under $300, then it’s only the legal probleeem!!!!!! that surely I will be able to work my self around.

    I’ve done some stuff like this before, ever heard of ipodmini 8gb peiceofshi* and it sells like butter.

  34. moe says:

    if you would sell these i bet alot of people would buy this i no i would

  35. Brooke says:

    Hi, I don’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please :)

  36. JAMES says:


  37. tyler says:

    let me know if u ever sell that badass xbox

  38. vashSin says:

    williong buyer aswell plz post if yoou decide too sell

  39. Hareedy Graz says:

    It’s a very interesting subject I was looking around about more information but you got really what i was looking for in your article so thanks and keep it up you have a great blog , by the way Graz is a very lovely city I enjoyed it so much

  40. steven roberts says:

    would love to have one. wiling to buy the black one so i dont have to take my elite everywhere i go. also i was wondering if you could make it from an elite and put the ethernet port in, seeing how i am in the army and travel to places with out wifi so that i could still system link without going online.

  41. freakshow101 says:

    dam microsoft should release something like this

  42. jasong says:

    this is an awsome hack! kinda big and heavy for a laptop though lol

  43. Bob Yang says:

    If you decide to sell this and not wave this awesome invention in front of our faces, tell me how much it is i think i might actually buy one!

  44. Dante says:

    awesum, i wish i could lay my hands on it. plz kip it up no mata what

  45. B1CDADDY says:

    I want one… how much? I’m serious!

  46. edward says:

    awsome is it for sale?

  47. edward says:

    awsome is it for sale?????????? I want one

  48. ZELDA-FAN says:

    @bob you sed “where can you can one” dont you mean where can you get one??? and i also want to know where i can get 1

    @101001 you sed

    “You guys think that would be pricey but its gota
    be cheaper than an alienware laptop right!

    Benheck if you ever read this send me an e-mail
    i’ll pay whatever you want for one!!!
    Top HACK dude,

    Microsoft seem to forget what gaming is all about.
    Like being anywhere playing XBOX doesn’t get any

    and if you want (benheck) 2 send you a e-mail you have 2 put your e-mail up so that he knows it so that he can e-mail you, you idiot, and i have a youtube account, i am ( ZELDAandMARIOfan ) so plz look me up on youtube, THANKS!!!

  49. adrian navarro says:

    nice i will pay any thing for one i like the desine you made it with i think you could make more money than micro soft selling those things

  50. casey says:

    i would py whatever it took for that… it makes my mouth water…. its a nerds wet dream come true lol, so says my freind

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