iPhone controlled dog treat dispenser

[Stephen Myers] has been toying around with some beta ioBridge hardware. He decided to build a remote control dog treat dispenser. ioBridge‘s hardware is built specifically to make web enabling projects easy. The main controller board has four I/O channels that speak to addon modules. It has an ethernet port on the main board and an easy to configure website.

[Stephen] used a servo addon board for his project. The dispenser is built from a scrap CD spindle attached to a servo. He can issue commands from his iPhone, which shows live video of the kennel. He’ll be building several other automation projects based on this system.

[via TUAW]


  1. therian says:

    so what does iphone have to do with this project ?

  2. ClashErr says:

    to me the iphone is just the interface for this project. it looks like the iobridge part is the heart. the cd spindle cover has a new life!

  3. Joe says:

    It isn’t iPhone controlled at all, you can do that with any browser on any phone or computer. Otherwise, it was awesome, nice job

  4. angels eyes says:

    Keep the updates coming. I have bookmarked your page and look forward to future updates.

  5. dam this is going on my twitter great info.

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