Musical shirt from toy keyboard


[mikamika] has put together a great tutorial on how to build this musical shirt. The whole process is covered, from taking apart the toy keyboard to laying out the circuit and creating the fabric switches.  He used the same method as [plusea] for the fabric buttons and conductive thread for most of the connections. It seems as though he has actually taken [plusea]‘s wearable shirt project and added some polish. His looks good enough, he might even be able to make it through an airport.


  1. joseph says:

    we need a keyboard necktie that works as a keyboard too…

  2. That would be boss

  3. Brian410 says:

    If he could put in a amplifier circuit in it, it would be better. that sound is pathetically quiet

  4. Solenoidclock says:

    It’s be great if he worked some bend sensors in there somewhere to modulate the sound with, or a wearable slider of some sort.

  5. Solenoidclock says:

    I bet you could mod a zipper to act like a rheostat!

  6. K1ngfunK says:

    I think by “Wearable Shirt Project” you guys mean “Wearable Piano Project”. Last time I checked, most shirts were wearable. ;)

    Regardless, this is still really cool. Nice article!

  7. Pretty sure mikamika is Mika Satomi (she) who collaborates with Hannah/plusea in Linz.

  8. Michael says:

    Immagination has no bariers:D

  9. samcl says:

    Hehe :) Creative way of making cloth) I just imagined the reaction of my girl-friend when she clasps me and … my shirt will sing :D

  10. Weeniaweelm says:

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