Netbooks, slow thanks to Microsoft


[nico] pointed out something that didn’t seem to get any air-time during the recent netbook kerfuffle. Part of the original TechCrunch complaint was that netbooks are underpowered. This is a direct result of Microsoft’s Ultra Low Cost PC (ULCPC) licensing program. If manufacturer’s don’t stick to Microsoft’s restrictions, they can’t purchase XP at a discount ($26-32), which is the only way to get XP since they no longer sell it. These rules are why you can’t buy a netbook with more that 1GB of RAM.

[photo: secretlondon123]


  1. techwoo says:

    Netbooks, slow thanks to Microsoft .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

  2. facefive says:

    you guys are all pussies, my desktop pc has 256mb of ram and a 800mhz cpu.

    runs lenny kde

  3. Sargent Fuzzy Boots says:

    I got a ViewSonic netbook that has 2 ram slots. Upgraded to 2gb of ram and overclocked the cpu to 2ghz and it runs sweet.

  4. y3 says:

    Thanks to mircosoft….:)

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