Homebrew on the PSP3000

[matiaz] has released an exploit which allows homebrew on the PSP3000. It takes advantage of a vulnerability when loading save games on a game called GripShift. You can see the PSP running unsigned code in the video.

[thanks wraggy]


  1. Timothy says:

    sick. That’s some good stuff

  2. poisomike87 says:

    lol, I love this song,

    its called just like you imagined by nine inch nails

  3. LOL It’s MaTiAz

  4. Matt says:

    His name is MaTiAz, not martiaz.

  5. lainlives says:

    its MaTiAz not martiaz xD

  6. henk says:

    So user mode is a reality, now we need kernel mode and we can install custom firmwares just like with the PSP-1K and the PSP-2k

  7. Max says:

    Actually, kernel-mode doesn’t mean custom firmware it means more functionality ((Pre)IPL dumps and the like), as custom firmware depends on custom IPL blocks, which… as yet have not been created. Has anyone given any thought as to how DAX dumped the decryption keys for the 3k modules PSAR dumper ;)

  8. nachowarrior says:

    as it is made by sony i would just rather take a dump on it than worry about ipl dumps. :-p hahaha

  9. BlokefromOhio says:

    classy nachowarrior

  10. zavva says:

    lolzor @ nachowarrior :D

  11. rodge1205 says:

    ,,stepping stone to success!!!,,

  12. Marina says:

    Any news?

  13. alex says:

    how doinstal psp tube on 3000 5.3 ?

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