Apple forces Wired to take down netbook OSx86 video


Wired Gadget Lab has taken down a video made by [Brian X. Chen] in which he gives a brief overview and demonstration of how to install OSX on an MSI Wind netbook. This apparently didn’t sit well with Apple, who contacted Wired and complained; Wired agreed and removed the video. Frankly, we’re disappointed with Wired’s response. While they were technically posting content which is questionable at best—in the video, Brian mentions that this is illegal and that it would be a good idea to have a retail copy of OSX on hand, but then goes on to point out that you can also download the hacked operating system off The Pirate Bay, Isohunt, etc—the video in and of itself wasn’t illegal, and thus Wired comes off as susceptible to what amounts to bullying by Apple. We’re all about creativity and innovation, and stifling that innovative spirit has never worked well in the long run.

Fortunately, if you’re feeling like you’ve missed out on the video, don’t despair: Gizmodo has posted the video on their website for you to view and enjoy.

[photo: Brian X. Chen]


  1. joe57005 says:

    Why bother? Everything apple is so horribly proprietary, i can hardly see this as more than a novelty. i’d just stick with linux, though not the included one.

  2. Lord Taco says:

    How well could OSX possibly run on those things? I’m not talking about the OS so much as only things that apples are good for: design software. Your photoshops and flash progs are virtually useless on that thing, get yourself a nice solid Dell (Or brand you prefer) and install OSX on that! I am very happy with my vostro 2510, it looks sexy enough that people ask me if it’s a mac, and it triple boots into windows, ubuntu and OSX, works like a charm!

  3. alxsmth says:

    But we musn’t offend lord Jobs.

  4. VEC7OR says:

    In before Streisand-effect.
    Like taking down a video will stop people at doing those things.

  5. anonymous says:

    Installing Mac OS X on unapproved hardware is not illegal. EULA’s are not legally binding and have never stood up in a court of law.

  6. jgrimm says:

    yeah if you have a legal copy of osx its totaly legal to do this
    osx on msi wind is a cool idea

  7. fractalrock says:

    “and stifling that innovative spirit has never worked well in the long run.” …got to disagree with you, strom.

    Apple has been stifling the ‘innovative spirit’ since day one…and it has done nothing but get the fanboys and fangirls even more excited.

    It is like the girl that likes a guy who is mean to her…she just can’t get enough.

  8. Urza9814 says:

    What ever happened to freedom of speech?

  9. Urza9814 says:

    Or more importantly actually, freedom of the press. I mean, sure, apple isn’t bound by that, as they aren’t the government, but there’s no way apple should be able to legally force them to pull it down. So what are they afraid of?

  10. K1ngfunK says:

    @ lord taco,

    other than having an awesome alias, I have to somewhat disagree with you. While I highly doubt these would be able to run the programs that most people who can properly run a computer would want (the design stuff that can run elsewhere), there are more and more people (I’m seeing this with fellow college students a lot) who prefer a Mac OS simply because it is more idiot-proof, or so they feel ’cause they make it nice and shiny and stifle your options. Ironically, I doubt any person like this would be able to install this on their own, but I think they might be all for the idea.

  11. error404 says:


    They’re afraid Apple will stop giving them exclusives, demo product, and so on. A huge part of Wired’s market is going to be Apple fanbois – have you read the mag recently? It’s become rather terrible in its attempt to be ‘hip’ and half the magazine is just masturbation about the latest Apple product or rumour. They can’t afford to alienate Apple.

    It’s the same thing with game and hardware mags (the shady ones anyway); they’re afraid to give bad reviews because they’ll stop getting preview and review product.

  12. kuchenmo% says:

    Wired CAN afford to alienate Apple. Apple’s market share is miniscule; Wired doesn’t even need Apple. Apple is about 90% of the computer hype in the US, but only 21% market share in the US and only 3% globally. So, Wired does not depend on making Apple happy.

  13. Fate says:

    I have a MSI Wind running msiwindosx86 that I carry with me in my camera bag. My PC laptop is a 17″ beast and I like OS X when I want to do something quickly like transferring photos from my camera to the harddrive to free up space on the card. I can also do some quick editing and things and reshoot if I need to. If it is a big enough issue for Apple to complain then there is a big enough market that Apple needs to make a Mac Netbook.

  14. Fate says:

    if 85% of Wired’s readership is interested in news on Apple products, positive or negative, then they have an interest in keeping apple happy even if apple has 1% market share. Apple’s market share really has no relevance and wired may depend on making apple happy.

  15. werejag says:

    well im canceling my subscription

  16. Mike Collins says:

    Hack a Day should post the video as well, see if you get bullied by apple.

  17. Grovenstien says:

    Bring back firewire 400 before i lose my mind!

  18. magnus says:

    to be honest this has made publicity for the video and now even more people know

  19. nf says:

    This is exactly what Wired wanted. Why would anyone care about the video if it hadn’t been taken down? It’s old news.

  20. Tech News says:

    They’re afraid Apple will stop giving them exclusives, demo product, and so on. A huge part of Wired’s market is giong to be Apple fanbois have you read the mag recently? It’s become rather terrible in its masturbaiton about the latest Apple product or rumour. They can’t afford to alienate Apple.

  21. strider_mt2k says:

    let’s hope something heavy falls on the spammer.

    Gizmodo rules! ;)

  22. blimey says:

    Long ago wired magazine has been a disgusting joke of a publication, it’s too mainstream and caters to its audience accordingly.

    Personally I rarely read it but when I have i’ve never actually read anything in it that was particularly groundbreaking that wasn’t already discussed at lengths through other publications.

    Frankly I am not surprised at all, about them caving to apple like this, they’re staffed by pretentious hacks.

  23. elvisthedj says:

    Wonder if Apple’s letter to Wired was as whiney as Gate’s letter to Woz back in ’76?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Actually, Apple has about 14% market share. It’s Linux that has yet to break 0.90%.

  25. devturkler says:

    Thanks Strom

  26. Alexander Dombroff says:

    I hope Apple realizes that these videos just spread more when they tell people to take them down.

  27. Susie says:

    Thoughtful post and well written. Please write more on this if you have time.

  28. DO WANT says:

    i would only do this to muck around with as apple suck

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