iPod Touch 2G jailbreak demoed


Now that the iphone-dev team has unlocked the iPhone 3G they’re moving onto jailbreaking the iPod Touch 2G. While they have a fully working jailbreak, it’s not yet in a user friendly format. [MuscleNerd] did a live video demo this afternoon to show what progress they had made. It starts with him showing the iPod on but not booting. He’s already patched the kernel, but it’s failing the signature check in iboot. He then uses the team’s recoverytool to exploit a hole in iboot and patch out the signature check. The ipod then boots normally and he shows non-App Store software like Mobile Terminal, Cydia, and an NES Emulator (which makes use of the iPod’s internal speaker).

The redsn0w jailbreak works, but it has to be applied via tether every time the iPod boots. The team won’t release anything until they’ve found a way around this problem. For more insight into the boot process, check out our coverage of their Hacking the iPhone talk at 25C3.


  1. marz says:

    WTF is up with that photo?

    Takin’ pics under your bed covers?

  2. xrazorwirex says:

    ‘mom would get PIZZED if she knew i was haxing my ipodz!’

  3. hab341 says:

    tHay shuld horry up tha noo 1 for the ipod cuz mine it not work lik that

  4. UnknownFear says:

    The JB takes time people. You need to be patient.

    @marz, That is a desktop background, not bed sheets :|

    @hab341, Grammer check :S Also, it takes time to make a JB. Just be patient and keep an eye on both the iphone dev team (http://blog.iphone-dev.org/) and the chronic dev team (http://chronic-dev.org/blog/) blogs.

  5. jaded124 says:

    “tHay shuld horry up tha noo 1 for the ipod cuz mine it not work lik that”

    O rly? OMG haxxorz, n00b. Write out your f******g words and spell them correctly.

  6. TJHooker says:

    @jaded124: I know right, that shit is annoying. They should go back to myspace and 4chan and stay there.

  7. tikimexican says:

    Wow, that jaded fellow is a trollish devil. Still I’m pretty excited for jailbreaking my iTouch 2G. It’s only marginally useful now.

  8. jaded124 says:


    i didn’t mean to come off like that, i’m just sick and tired of “O h@1, C4n Youz l1k3 d0 1t f0r m3 k bai!”

  9. nxsfan says:

    The live video demo link is wrong, it’s taking me to the cydia page.

  10. Zuhayr says:

    Hello.Please Listen Can Anyone Tell Me That How I Can Jailbreak My Ipod Touch 2 Generation Please Advise. Thank U

  11. cyrus says:

    Ya i know i tried to go to the video but it just brought me to the cydia page fix please

  12. krohn7master says:


    Did you even read the freakin article?

  13. inam says:

    is the ipod is jailbroken in 2.2??:S..i have the 2.2… every single time i open my itunes, it sayz to upgrade to 2.2.1… i get scareed

  14. sean says:

    hey guys dev team says you can upgrade the ipod touch 2g to the 2.2.1 version it would have no efect the redsn0w patch also know as the 2g ipod touch jailbreak and remember be patiant

  15. GAMSON says:



  16. lol says:

    Steve Jobs!!!?? Is that you going by “gamson” You Devil YOU!! Its ok youre still rotting in loot!! Dont be mad K. =)

  17. Peter Pan says:

    So… What\’s the latest on this whole situation… can anyone share the easiest way to jailbreak and or any links preferably WITH a video tutorial?

    What are the Disadvantages to doing this?

  18. killingspree says:

    iPhone 3G S is gonna rock the smartphone market :D Can’t wait for it to come out.

  19. Wow, that post called iPod Touch 2G jailbreak demoed – Hack a Day was really insightful

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