Defcon 17 Call for Papers


Notorious hacker conference Defcon has just published their Call for Papers. The 17th annual event will happen July 30th through August 2nd. Most of the announcement is the same boilerplate they’ve included for the past two years. Like last year, they’re not defining the specific speaking track themes and will come up with them based on submissions. New for this year is a half-day of workshops on the Thursday before Defcon for anyone that’s showing up early. This pre-con event is targeted at newbies. It certainly sounds like an interesting way to ease into Defcon instead of the usual delays and fire marshals. We’ve been attending every year since 2005 and love seeing new things. You should definitely consider presenting this year (we want to see more hardware!).


  1. marz says:

    What exactly is going on in that picture?

  2. ccox says:

    A cybernetically connected woman, under the hypnotic control of a rotary phone dial, is turning to shoot Mr. Happy Pirate with her broken right arm*, while the floppy disk illuminati look on.

    * because the perspective is bad and the elbow and wrist are at the wrong angle

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    I have nothing.
    A few meager netbook hacks and the stubs of some magic candles….

  4. anonymitee says:

    If accepted, do they provide transportation?….

  5. Rick says:

    I talked at defcon 15, they pay you a little bit of money and allow you to enter defcon for free; pretty much it.

  6. umi says:

    W00t another defcon, since #11 I’ve been hooked. Guess this is a good as a time as any to ask for time off work

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