Accelerometer controlled pong


[Adam] sent us this cool game he made. It is accelerometer controlled pong (translated). The screen is a Nokia 3310 LCD, tied to an ATmega8 for the brains. He’s using an MMA7260 accelerometer for the controls. The whole thing is encased in an iPod nano box. this looks like a pretty fun little game, though we’d like to see someone attempt a two player match with it.


  1. hum4n says:

    i made a multiplayer TI 84 pong once. somehow reminds me of that.

  2. spiderwebby says:

    bring back the relay powered pong!!

    when i win the lottery…

  3. epicelite says:

    It must be really easy considering the paddles are 1/2 the size of the screen edge.

  4. Lambda_drive says:

    Smaller paddles = More fun

  5. t0ny says:

    This gives me a related idea! Put something like that into the remote of the original pong :).

  6. A. says:

    Bigger paddles, buttons and RTC are on the way, these one are there because I used text-mode library :-)

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