VAIO P XP install


Sony recently started to shipping the VAIO P don’t-call-it-a-netbook netbook. It comes stock with 2GB of RAM, which means it’s not eligible for Microsoft’s XP ultra low cost pc licensing. Hackers wanting to exorcise Vista have run into a few issues. After doing her unboxing photoshoot, [tnkgrl] wrote a guide for replacing Vista with XP on the Vaio P. She used the Universal Extractor to pop open the driver downloads and remove the Vista check. This got the WWAN radio and GPS working in XP. The only casualty was the volume and mute buttons are no longer working. You can see an annotated image verifying all the components here.


  1. chicosoft says:

    Put Linux… never worry with microsoft again…

  2. Imroy says:

    Wah, why? Why do people go to so much trouble to put proprietary software in difficult places? You’re not helping anyone. You’re not contributing to community-based software like Linux or the BSD’s. You’re just giving people another excuse to continue buying and using proprietary software. And when the next version of that closed-source software comes out, you’ll be back at square one. Congratulations, you’ve made no gains and people are still dependant on proprietary software. You’re actually working against the community.

    Just install Linux, FFS.

  3. werejag says:

    how about you make linux compatible with winodows apps and solve the installer problems in linux. till then we are stuck with this

  4. strider_mt2k says:

    I think I would have leapfrogged to Win7 given the machine’s specs.

  5. dudebro says:

    Linux is still more pain than its worth IMO.

  6. jay says:


  7. hum4n says:

    bah. linux, it’s a fun toy, but hardly useful in as many ways as XP, particularly in a Netbook.

  8. nubie says:

    With Linux it is the chicken-egg thing.

    Personally I find that whatever devices I have won’t work in Linux.

    E.G. : 3D stereoscopic gaming (dual LCD, beamsplitter, polarized glasses), gaming period, my ATSC tuner, my NTSC tuner.

    Trust me, I have tried quite a few distro’s, but until the X server is fixed (why for F’s sake can’t I pick my resolution AND refresh rate? I DO NOT want to edit the config file, not that it ever works.), and there is some compatibility for hardware and software I am going to need XP/Windows.

  9. BrendaEM says:

    You bought something from Sony?

    It is a darling device, but it’s unlikely that I will every by a computer from Sony.

  10. Jack says:

    Seriously, linux isn’t perfect but this is really one of those cases where it would have been a better choice then windows.

  11. dan says:

    “you’re just giving people another excuse to continue buying and using proprietary software”

    If people will find any excuse they can, going to huge lengths, to get their proprietary software working, the open source equivalent is obviously not up to their expectations! pretty much anybody doing this level of tinkering will obviously have tried linux at some point in their computing career. it just isn’t for everyone yet.

  12. dan says:

    jack, it would hardly be a better choice than windows if it means that your WLAN and GPS don’t work.

  13. n00bhunter says:

    Why there always have to be an windoz VS
    Linux discussion everywhere?

    For those who are happy with Linux:
    – I know what the feeling is :)

    For those NOT happy with Linux:
    – Then try something else. If you tried Linux
    then you clearly are NOT happy with windowz

    For those who are not happy with Windoz:
    – I know you want to game, I know you like
    your apps. The best alternative I know is
    either ubuntu or OSX.

    For those who are happy with windoz:
    – Good for you that you are happy with
    half-year HDD formats, antivirus hassle
    and all the other things it makes windoz
    annoying. Believe me, I experienced all of
    that too!

  14. waca-waca says:

    just admire the wrk put in to the hack and quiet bitching

  15. waca-waca says:

    and i mean both camp i play with both they have there uses….but i have a few clients who want vista installed why idk i like xp/linux but what the client wants the client gets….this info here just made my job easyer so yea they are contributing to community

  16. theevocater says:

    What kind of hack was this? She downloaded a bunch of programs and it happened to work! Whoa big deal here. She didn’t even get everything working!

    If i installed ubuntu on it and it magically worked (regardless of whether it actually would) can I have a cookie also?


  17. Som3one says:

    I would be happy if there are drivers for XP available. Insted they even try to intall M$ Vi$ta. Why to use a slower shittier and even more bloated OS if the better one already runs on it.

    Why don’t they dejunk and reprogramm XP. Instead the bloat it.

    Anyway Linux is already better than Win, so I stop complaining now.

  18. andBeans says:

    You are quite the master baiter. ;)

    No, I already ate all the cookies. >:)

  19. n00bhunter says:

    sshhhh.. (we have to do it quietly :p)

  20. osathiest says:

    It has linux built in already via the xross quick boot stuff. I’d be more interested in seeing someone do something with that than the Windows install. I want a 5-second-boot snoop box/wardriver that can reboot clean into windows to prove to the cops I’m not up to anything sneaky.

  21. tnkgrl says:

    @theevocater you have no idea what you are talking about…

    Sony does not support XP on the VAIO P – it’s not just a matter of installing drivers. For one thing, the Vista drivers don’t work with XP out of the box.

    Most of it is trivial, but getting the WWAN and GPS radios working was tricky, because the radios are powered off by default and don’t even appear in the device manager!

    There’s a lot more to it then just using Universal Extractor – including lots of trial and error and some registry hacking.

    As for linux, I like Ubuntu a lot and use it on older systems. On newer systems (especially notebooks) , I prefer to use Windows XP because driver availability.

    There’s some custom Sony hardware in the VAIO P – it’s not just another netbook based on a reference Atom motherboard design.

  22. Narf says:

    Wah Wah its not Linux. Wah Wah its not open source. Wah Wah its a sony product. Wah Wah its proprietary.

  23. Simon C. Ion says:


    Try running
    xrandr –help
    in a terminal.
    If you have a KDE installation, try running krandrtray

  24. Free Bullets says:

    Vista is way better than XP. Just keep Vista.

  25. Lolwjat says:

    “Vista is way better than XP. Just keep Vista.”

    Obvious troll is obvious. 1/10

  26. richard says:

    “Vista is way better than XP. Just keep Vista.”

    Terrific Troll, would rage again A++++++!!

    I have the Vaio P – runs Ubuntu really well, faster than Vista and everything works except brightness controls, zoom control and suspend/hibernate…. I use it to take notes at uni. Wifi works perfectly, my USB 3G key works perfectly…. IMO, this piece of hardware would be perfect if it just shipped with Linux. Oh, and if it didn’t have the accursed GMA500 Poulsbo graphics which still don’t have stable 3D support…. grrrrrrrrrr.

  27. sandra407 says:

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  28. megan fox says:

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  29. Jeff Arbor says:

    We saw something like this in our corner of Michigan recently.

    Can’t wait all these XP systems to start needing upgrades.

    Thanks for the post.

  30. jenna says:

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  31. todd says:

    why dont you all quit bitchin and get this raggedy assed “lifestyle” unit working.

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