MCU controllable camera mount


[psymansays] needed a panning head for his robotics projects. Already being familiar with the NXP LPC2148 from work, so he wanted to use that to control it.  he built his own carousel out of old CDs. The axle of the carousel is a potentiometer. This is what he’s using to determine position. The gear motor was actually cobbled together with bits from a windup toy and an old motor. This may be a bit bulky, but it seems not only functional, but fairly versatile.


  1. Psymansays says:

    Wow, as a daily reader of hackaday, I am very proud to see something of mine listed on this site.

    Thank you, Caleb Kraft, for the honor.

  2. AceDr says:

    Truly a programmer exemplifying the concept of “reusing and recycling” with this build. Great job! (The green plastic beads were a nice touch, as well ;} )

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    Very interesting, and great re-use of parts for this too.

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