Flatpack walker


If you’re into robotics, you’re probably already familiar with the 2 motor walker. This design, usually used in B.E.A.M. robotics is a pretty easy way to make a 4 legged walking robot. [Edwindertien] has made the design a little bit easier to build with these flatpack walker plans. He used 4mm thick birch, cut by laser to get his walker into shape, but the design would work with almost any material. His walker is Arduino powered, so it could be programmed for all kinds of behavior, especially if you add some sensors. You can see his bot in action after the break.


  1. polymath says:

    wonder if you link a bunch of em together and make a centipede

  2. ross maclean says:

    nippy lil bugger innit. first robot ive seen in a while ive been impressed with. looks like the walkers out of the animatrix.

  3. vierito5 says:

    I had mine done. I have a few pics here. It has a “moustache” to detect collisions and change the direction.


    (link it’s in Spanish, but pics are pics xD)

  4. vierito5 says:

    here’s a better pic

  5. hum4n says:

    Wow. A 2 motor walker.


  6. cynic says:

    We can’t all be astrophysicists like you, everyone has to start somewhere. If hackaday only covered increasingly complicated hacks, it’d remove itself from it’s own user base.
    Saying that. An arduino is, as usual, overkill.

  7. I'm > hum4n says:

    Hmm, maybe I have forgotten how to use a search button, but it seems the amazing hum4n who makes us all seem unworthy has yet to have any of his achievements posted…

  8. Siert says:

    Nice to see the robot that has been build in our FabLab last Thursday already found it’s way to hackaday!


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