Paintball gun turret


[Jared Bouck] has been sending in his projects for a couple years now. We’ve enjoyed his heavy-duty DDR pads, LCD backlight repair, and ion cooling projects. His latest, an RC paintball gun turret, is our favorite though. He actually rates this as one of the easier projects he’s published; it just took a while to assemble. Several design decisions were made to keep the project simple. Two 32 Degrees Icon-E paintball guns were used. The guns already have electric solenoids for firing, so a special trigger mechanism didn’t have to be fashioned. Q-loaders were used to prevent any ball feed problems. The motors, driver boards, and RC components are all borrowed from combat robots for reliability. He’s hoping to produce a small number of kits based on this design.

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39 thoughts on “Paintball gun turret

  1. He could have used other hoppers that are just as jam free and load just as fast, although it wouldn’t have looked as sleek. It would be ridiciously awesome if he had a big magazine on the top that houses several of those q loader pods, and had a mechanism for loading fresh ones and dropping the old ones. That’s a lot more complicated though.

  2. I want a roof mounted model for my truck. should take care of tailgaters and jerks that cut me off in traffic. maybe load it with those vomit balls the police use.

  3. This is awesome. Consistent ball loading has always been a problem for this purpose. I just went to the q-loader website, but they don’t tell you anything about the product or how it works – I guess they only sell to people who already know about them.

    It does look like it could be some kind of multi-start helical loading system though. Anyone know for sure?

    Anyone have either other products or DIY solutions to the problem of large capacity automatic ball feeding?

  4. The q-loader is just a spring loaded helical feeding system. There is a spring going down a center tube that pushes out the balls. The pods only hold 100 balls so you wouldn’t get too many shots before having to reload.
    A high capacity feeder could easily be made by modifying existing force-fed paintball hoppers. Just about all of them will be more than adequate to consistently feed paintballs.

  5. Oh god, QLoaders. I hate those things. What a hassle, they were not worth it at all.
    On a side note that thing looks kick ass and I would love to get shot by it.

  6. That thing is bad assed, I’m going to try and build one and post a video blog of how it went on my site. I wonder if that would be useful in an actual game since you it would be hard to see your targets…would be sweet if you could tie it to a motion sensor!

  7. Wow that is some serious bit of kit. I may and try and convince my boss to invest in something similar for one of our sites, we could use it to train our marshalls…. dance marshall… dance..!!..

  8. could you build me one of these to mount on a skylark 1-seat helicopter, i’d pay as much as the cost for parts and labor if you’ll do the job for me.

  9. This could be some serious machine if used propoerly. This could even be a game that is operated by a marshal and players have to avoid the gun? My boss will love this, go marshal!

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