Breath controlled Guitar Hero kick pedal


[Ben Heck] the uber modder has posted a new project. He has made a breath controlled kick pedal for all of the Guitar Hero style games. Though the tutorial focuses on Guitar Hero World Tour, he does explain how it could be done for Rock Band at the end. This is intended for someone in a wheelchair who couldn’t actually use the kick pedal and needed their hands free to play the rest of the drums. He took apart the kick pedal that came with it to get the piezoelectric switch out of it. Then, he made a little chamber and placed the switch on a diaphragm at one end. When you blow, the diaphragm moves and triggers the switch. Pretty simple really. There is a video available of [Ben] trying it out as well.


  1. frollard says:

    It’s good they mention that rock band uses a different (simpler) kind of magnetic reed switch. They done did their homework :D

    Great mod!

  2. weasel says:

    This looks like a good way to faint

  3. Jake Hensington says:

    Honestly this is pretty useless and a waste of time

  4. Urza9814 says:


    Uhh, did you not read the part where it was done for someone in a wheelchair?

  5. bob says:

    lol @ jake

  6. sarsface says:


    just like people in wheelchairs, am I right?


  7. Brad says:


    I’m with ya buddy, people with lower limb disabilities should just accept they aren’t able to rock out like people with working feet


  8. aficionado says:


  9. Steve Harkness says:

    Totally cool modification and I don’t care what the simpleton who’s name rhymes with “flake” has to say about people with lower limb disabilities not being able to rock out like people with working feet.

    “YES THEY CAN” and it would be interesting to ask “flake’s” wife or girlfriend how well he is able to rock out with the other appendage that hangs out with his working legs. We would most likely find it doesn’t work any better than his brain.


  10. andy says:

    its made by Ben Heck of course its a good idea.

  11. Dave says:

    I wonder if he’s done anything to prevent mold growth in the breath tube? The ever-present moisture from breathing into it will cause mold growth within the first week’s use.

    Hopefully it can be taken apart for cleaning easily. Beyond that, good hack, Heck.

  12. vonskippy says:

    Haven’t they heard of youtube? 14 meg Quicktime file for a 28sec clip – meh!

  13. squeakyneb says:

    @Steve Harkness, 8:38 pm on Mar 2nd:

    OH SHI-

    Nice call

    You want some aloe vera, coz you just got BURNED!

  14. strider_mt2k says:

    jake, we’re gonna need a few more guys to pull that foot out of there.

    just try to breathe normally until then.


  15. Sparkin says:

    Nice mod I Know someone that would benefit from this one :)

  16. Donvindbare says:

    Handicapped people shouldn’t be allowed to play guitar hero, it makes it less cool for the rest of us.

  17. Mike says:

    Yeah, what a useless hack. Why not just make a hack so their feet work? Seems like they’d prefer that anyway. What a jerk.


  18. mr x says:

    Lisa Simpson: Release the spit valve! Release the spit valve!

    @jake have some compassion.

  19. Queen Martyn says:

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  20. dave says:

    I think its a great mod and more should be developed for things like this.

  21. Tara says:

    LOL @ Mike.

  22. Ronald says:

    Well I think it is pretty cool for someone to invite a device for one thing and it just so happens to benefit the handicapped also.

  23. Martin says:

    Nice website, very informative. I really do like to read a lot about guitars, effects, amps and the likes, thats why i visit them a lot. Keep up the good work :-)

  24. cursedasfunk says:

    these have to be some of the funniest comments ever.
    give jake a break. he probably diddnt even read that part. he just said its useless everything else was a joke posted by somebody else. Am i a terrible person because i want one, just because i think it will make the game easier?

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