Android app scans barcodes, downloads torrents

AndroidAndMe is running a bounty program for Android applications. Users can request a specific application and pledge money to be awarded to the developer who delivers the functional app. [Alec Holmes] just fulfilled the first request by creating Torrent Droid. You can use the app to scan media barcodes and then download the related torrent. It uses the phone’s camera to capture the product’s UPC barcode (similar to Compare Everywhere‘s price lookup) and then searches major torrent sites like The Pirate Bay to find a copy that can be downloaded. After getting the .torrent file, the app can submit it to uTorrent‘s web interface for remote downloading. The app will be released later this month and you can see a screenshot tour of it on Alec’s blog. It’s doubtful that an application like this would ever clear Apple’s App Store approval process.

[via TorrentFreak]


  1. Dave says:


  2. Nemo says:

    cool app. the music was creepy.

  3. vonskippy says:

    Can’t wait until ALL P2P is blocked at the ISP level. Then maybe I won’t be *taxed* for the stuff I actually PAY FOR!

  4. Rivetgeek says:

    @von “Im not RIAA, I SWEAR” skippy

    Go suck a dick.

  5. rob says:

    Does any one know of any apps the will scan barcodes like this on other platforms? I mean any… winmoble, blackberry even just desktop windows/linux/OSX? Everything I’ve seen wasn’t very functional or only handled data matrix or QR formats.

    Any suggestions?

  6. zacdee316 says:

    This is cool as hell. I would use this if i had a iphone. and try what rob said, make it compatible with other os’s and you can make some money off of that thing.

  7. polymath says:

    so how long before stores ban the use of smart phones in their media sections? not that any one will pay attention. I’m looking forward to this personally.

    and as for p2p being blocked… it’ll never happend. the demand for it is too high. the riaa is like the u.n. . it doesn’t have the teeth much less the balls to do anything about it. the isp’s have too much money.

  8. mungewell says:

    Zebra Barcode Reader:

  9. mungewell says:

    @rob (again)
    ZXing (“Zebra Crossing”)

  10. fucter says:

    stores already ‘comp’ shop other stores with pda’s to compare prices. stores havent banned that.

  11. BruceJ says:

    ” make it compatible with other os’s and you can make some money off of that thing.”

    Yeah, until someone offers up a torrent of it.

  12. incognito says:

    yea we need some winmo love over here with a barcode reader..

  13. misha says:

    we’re one step away from the day when you can scan the barcode and go straight to playing audio 3 seconds later on that same device.

  14. therian says:

    Can’t wait until ALL P2P go to next level, Wireless meshes no ISP no regulation nothing, physical p2p.

  15. atlas says:

    this reminds me of pirates of the amazon

    im sure the RIAA will find a way to make this software meet a similar fate…

  16. octelcogopod says:

    yeah it’s called running over to a friend’s house and giving them a cassette :)

  17. wat says:

    i think he means just a lot of wireless networks that are intertwined so there arent isps just a mesh of wireless networks

  18. yoss says:


    go suck a dick

    I thought it was common knowledge that anyone who owns an iPhone is a tool anyway?

  19. spacecoyote says:


    hehe, it’d be funny to see cops wardriving

  20. incognito says:

    i have before- so far no one has been brave enough to ask what i’m doing

  21. polymath says:

    wow. didn’t know retail had gotten that vicious… makes sense though.

    oh well, for every new law against technology there is an evolution in gadgets and software to overcome it.

  22. Hellthorn says:

    That looks extremely neat. Grats : >

  23. nubie says:

    Great, award piracy.

    F*cking kids refusing to pay for stuff. great community spirit guys.

  24. scribner says:

    Whats the song that u where playen like to know thanks!!!

  25. rockitman says:

    Great app can’t wait till its out just what I need to go shopping

  26. Is this app available already or not?

  27. I assume that you already know that your blog rocks hehe; tyvm for this …

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