Paintball gun turret assembly videos

[Jared] has updated his paintball gun turret page with more detailed assembly videos. You can read more about the project in our original post.


  1. Sam says:

    So it’s controlled manually by a remote control? That’s not quite as cool as I had hoped. It just seems cooler if the device shoots at anyone it sees (and has a good chance of hitting them), which would change the dynamics of a paintball match considerably.

    I was envisioning the device as being automated, like the gun turrets in Aliens (the director’s cut, not the original release).

  2. wang191 says:

    If you’re able to push the cradle by hand then it doesn’t seem like it’s going to hold the weight of the gun very well. You’ll put it into position only to find that it’s going to droop. Maybe a good modification would be the addition of a worm gear to the drive section.

  3. Raf says:

    Thank’s guy for wasting 10 minutes of my live, for watching self-assembly masturbator
    DO IT Yourself !

  4. giugoigliojh says:


  5. Hackius says:

    I want a to see the thing working and shooting first not the assembly videos

  6. anonymous says:
  7. anonymous says:
  8. dev-null says:

    This: looks mechanically superior. Still waiting for the price to come down a little bit… but i want one

  9. Jared says:

    The videos of it shooting come tomarrow…

  10. fartface says:

    Automatic paintball turret CAN be made. it simply needs machine vision and tracking using two cameras to judge distance.

    Also the servos needed ot make it workg really good would be high speed and high power that would probably kill someone standing near it.

  11. nathan says:

    servos vs motors

    I can see why the motor for the rotation, easier to spin 360.

    Why not a servo for the other axis? Once you get the markers on, isn’t your rotation range only ~45 degrees? Would a moderate servo geared at 2-3:1 handle it? I haven’t accurately calculated the torque, but I guesstimate it at around 10.61 kgf-cm, or approx 60 oz-in, with a 3:1 gear. That’s within the range of something like the futaba s3010.

    To be investigated…

  12. jared says:
  13. All though you have to use a remote control to fire it i think it is still pretty cool. I could see a few of these setup creating a wave of paintball fire. really neet stuff.

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