Through-hole Bus Pirate kit from Fundamental Logic


Fundamental Logic is selling a Bus Pirate kit and bare PCB based on our universal serial interface tool. They started with our serial port-based v1a hardware, and modified it to use all through-hole parts.  8pin DIP LP2951ACN/-3.3 switchable voltage regulators replace the surface mount TPS79650/33 that we used. The PIC is pre-programmed with our latest firmware, version 0f, which includes a bootloader for easy firmware updates through the serial port. Documentation includes illustrated assembly instructions.

Speaking of Bus Pirate goodness, we’re busy working on hardware V2. As astute readers may have already noticed, the final version of the Bus Pirate incorporates an FTDI USB->serial chip, and draws its power from the USB port. We also tackled the software-controlled pull-up resistor feature, and reduced the overall part count and cost. Best of all, we’re working to make assembled PCBs available with world-wide shipping. The how-to should be ready in a few weeks.


  1. Polaczek says:

    I’ve become really interested in making v1, but really thought that USB would kick major ass and would let faster communication. When do you guys think you’ll be releasing v2?

  2. Polaczek says:

    ha, got a bit excited. “few weeks”. Thanks for putting this together!

  3. Hackius says:

    OOOOh I’d certainly buy it. It should fit in an envelope thus enabling cheap international shipping.

  4. spiffed says:

    @Hackius it does indeed fit in an envelope and is eligible for the “mail” rate. Shipping starts at:
    Canada: $2.15
    US: $3.22
    Everywhere else: $4.94
    Which are all a few pennies over what we’re charged by Canada Post.

  5. spiffed says:

    Hmm, realized you may be referring to the HaD assembled variant…

  6. pt says:

    is this an open source hardware project? there doesn’t seem to be any mention on the site(s) of the licensing / copyright / use.

  7. Ian Lesnet says:

    @pt – Our Bus Pirate hardware and code is public domain (see Google Code, source files).

    Fundamental Logic’s board uses our compiled code. The schematic is available, but I don’t think they don’t give away the PCB layout or gerbers. I’m not sure of the license.

  8. spiffed says:

    @pt The fundamental logic modifications are also PD. This should be noted on our schem, if not, it will be shortly.

    The schematic and board layout files are available from (you’d need to generate your own gerbers, but most people probably shouldn’t be running other people’s gerbers anyway.)

  9. pt says:

    rad – thanks gang! i might need to start a list of pd hardware projects soon!

  10. obnauticus says:

    “so we’ve taken their design and converted to entirely through hole parts with plenty of working space”

    Wasn’t the original just a thru-hole?

  11. spiffed says:

    The original (v0) design was PTH, but v1 added several features.

  12. obnauticus says:

    Ya, I think I will wait until Hack A day releases v2 and someone makes an SMT kit for it. I have no means of creating PCB’s at the moment…so it’s much easier and cheaper to just buy a kit.

  13. ragnar says:

    Thanks for keeping up the good ‘Ol Through-hole. With circuits like this it’s just a Pita to waste time on smd, when you could have soldered it in half the time and without magnifying glasses…

  14. fartface says:

    I can solder smt faster than through hole. Just because you guys are afraid of it or dont have the right tools does not mean the old clunky TH is good.

    get off your butts and buy a set of hot tweesers and a real soldering station and SMT becomes easier than TH.

  15. Hackius says:

    Are we going to start the SMD vs DIP discussion again?

    Some of us prefer DIP
    Some prefere SMD

    shut up

  16. therian says:

    >>”get off your butts and buy a set of hot tweesers and a real soldering station and SMT becomes easier than TH.”

    hot tweesers + soldering station + oven + heat pad + fan + microscope +….. = 1000$ = no weed this month again :(

  17. therian says:

    by the way how Bus Pirate kit different from PICkit Serial Analyze ?

  18. spiffed says:

    The PICkit serial analyzer and the Bus Pirate have alot of overlap, but:
    * The PICkit has proprietary windows software while the Bus Pirate is an open serial interface.
    * The bus pirate supports 1-wire; jtag; and pc-keyboard, while the PICKit supports I2C slave and LIN.
    * The bus pirate has external AUX and analog-to-digital lines
    * The bus pirate is RS232 serial (or soon USB emulated serial) while the PICkit is a USB HID device.
    * The PICkit contains a single selectable voltage supply between ~2v and 5v, the Bus Pirate includes dual (software switched) 3.3v and 5v supplies.

    Really, both are great bits of hardware and software. Having both devices on hand, I obviously side with the Bus Pirate, but mostly it’s down to personal preference. I’m also a huge fan of the serial terminal over the clunky feeling windows GUI.

  19. mt says:

    Is fundamental logic the only website to buy the bus pirate PTH?

  20. Ian says:

    @mt – I think so, and they seem to have run out months ago. I think everyone is using surface mount Bus Pirates now.

  21. sjw says:

    Has anyone else had issues with just horrible customer service from Fundamental Logic? I placed an order for a MaxSerial Freeduino board over a month ago (on Oct 28) and it has not shipped yet. I have sent three e-mails asking when the item would be shipped but with no response to date. I called a number of times and was finally able to get someone on the phone two weeks ago — they told me the part was in stock and would should in a few days… Two weeks later, I am still waiting.

  22. @sjw

    My name is Chris Williams and I run customer service at Fundamental Logic. If there’s been a problem, or a series of problems with your order, please don’t hesitate to me off an email ( and I can make sure whatever the issue, it’s resolved, be it refunding, replacing, or expediting via FedEx or UPS.

    Thank you and that goes for anyone else who’s had an issue as well. We’re a small company and we trade on our reputation. We’d like to make right any and all issues.

  23. sjw says:


    I sent you an e-mail on Nov 30th (at the provided address above) and did not receive a reply. I sent a follow-up e-mail on Dec 2nd in the event my first e-mail got lost.

    You seem willing to help resolve this… But how on earth do I contact you?

  24. sjw says:

    Chris at fundamental logic sent me an e-mail along with his Phone Number; Looks like the company hosting Fundamental Logic’s e-mail has some issues and my e-mails did not get through… But Chris is taking care of my order for me.

    Chris, thanks for your help and getting this resolved!

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