21 thoughts on “Laser cutter plays Super Mario Bros. theme

  1. What a waste of time. I like it! It would be pretty cool to see a visual representation of this with a router. Each note would be represented by a different depth of cut by the router.

  2. That’s actually really cool that they used one axis for the main track, and the other axis for playing the bass track. Very fancy stuff.

  3. Ya know, the first 12 zillion times this was done it was kindof impressive. Maybe if they hooked this up to twitter while it was playing “music” that would be special.

  4. If i had an insanely expensive CNC laser cutting machine I could play the Super Mario Theme too. O wait I’ve had a Midi sequencer and speakers in my computer since the 486. And IT sounds better!!!! ;D

    No seriously that was cool, In a GEEKY kind of way.


  5. Why are these musical cnc machines all the craze now? I’m all for it, but was there some kinda trigger for it in the past year or something?

  6. I’m curious as to why a number of people are giving a fuss on how this isn’t exciting?

    How isn’t it? Yeah, it may have been done before in some shape or form, but these guys did it very well; it’s not every day a laser cutter kicks that much ass

  7. This is cool and all, but I’m still waiting for people to take it to the next level, and create musical electric cars

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