Ping pong ball LED wall display

Remember the 2 meter POV display? Well, that same group of students are at it again. This is the display they built for parties. It is 5 meters wide and 2.5 meters tall, 240 LEDs, controlled by 40 AVR ATmega48s. This is pretty nice. We think next time they should go for RGB.

Exercising to space invaders


[Matt] sent in this cool final project he did for his Computer Engineering course. They built a space invaders clone, where the player has to physically move back and forth to move the ship, and jump to fire. The game is projected on the wall, with a camera mounted below it, facing the player. The player, wearing an orange vest, is tracked for the movement and the firing. They also included a blue tooth heart rate sensor with the ultimate goal of using this data to vary the game difficult, but didn’t end up getting the code in. You can see a video of them testing it out at the end of his post.


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