PSP 3000 firmware 5.03 hacked

PSP firmware 5.03 has been hacked by Team Typhoon. This allows you to run custom code on the PSP by taking advantage of the tiff exploit. You’ll have to wait to download the hack though, they haven’t released it yet. This means those of you still on 5.02 or still using the little blue tool will be able to upgrade soon.


  1. Zaq says:

    is squall0833’s method confirmed?

  2. cery says:

    can help me how to down grade a PSP 3000 coz many costumer ask me how to down grade Psp 3000 pls!!!! teach me?????

  3. ghettoblast says:

    Aaah, games, they’ve taken so much of my precious lifetime already. I wonder if I’ll get a bonusgame when I die =P

  4. vu says:

    how to run 5.03 hen thanks

  5. SifJar says:

    “This means those of you still on 5.02 or still using the little blue tool will be able to upgrade soon.”

    The “little blue tool” was never released for PSP 3000, and was useless anyway. The pre-IPL on 3000 (and 2000s with ta88v3) hasn’t been cracked, meaning putting them into service mode does no good. Get the facts straight please.

  6. Mweo says:

    ok from what i seen cfw wont be out till they find a way in to the kernel. it would be so much better if some from sony who works on psp’s steped up cause they got a tool that sends it in to service mode where you can reach the kernel then MOD it.
    i have been looking at this Blue tool from the uk for 35CAD and has a switch that lets youmove from battery to service battery NOT Pandora.
    so my buddy ordered it and if it works ON HIS PSP 3000 cause dam if im letting him use mine i will post on here good or bad what happened and maybe my bud will offer a deal for people who want it done. Contact me if you wanna buy the tool cause im not going to post the link up here.
    and remember its 5 dollars well Canadian dollars

  7. jimmytan says:

    omg.mine also updated 5.53 so….how to do ? pls & thx for some body helped me ~….let me know as soon as possible … i have been waiting half year more …

  8. u are i diot says:

    ure idiot

  9. Anonymous says:

    Just brick it down,….

  10. Razhikamaru says:

    Hope this might do the trick..i have a 5.03 Software on my PSP-3000..I have a chickHEN installed in it..when you want to retrieve the games saved on your memory stick if it’s lost or corrupted…”Just go to videos press(O) then (X) then go to “Camera” option select “Pictures” option then press (O),then Press and hold “DOWN” button until it reaches the bottom part of the blank pictures. then, press “UP” again do this 4X..2X each so to speak…then let your PSP absorb the chickHEN software..then your PSP would reboot itself without turning it OFF..then run the 3.06 enabler on your “Memory Stick” option then you will see the PSP Logo..and there you go!…enjoy….(this is based on my experience for everyday retrieving my corrupted games all-day for hours…)
    just a quick Question…is there an upcoming permanent software that we could use to play games saved on a memory stick?

  11. DuDe says:

    So, how do u know if you can hack it> Do u have to know what motherboard u have, what firmware, serial number? what should u look for before u start?

  12. ryantetek says:

    I have a tutorial on how to do this.Please visit it. Thanks.

  13. Jaswinder says:

    Hey Guys, Now you can play every game on your PSP with Firmware 5.03.

  14. jonathan says:

    how do you put chickhen r2 to picture and how to you download chichen to your desctop with a toshiba

  15. sumy says:

    give me a website where to get firmware and to get demos go rto google and type my and go to the first one

  16. julz says:

    hi there I just wanne ask u something about my psp I bought it in bangkok and it was playing fine but wen I off it and on it again all my games were gone and it showed a sighn that says gen 5.0.2 and when I press that it says can’t open file corrupt please tel me what to do

  17. JimmyJones says:

    -Jonathan- you can’t download it with a toshiba computer, get a better computer. Then download it. Then hold the PSP screen to the screen of the better computer. Then cluck like a chicken. Then learn how to use google. Then look for the link two posts above yours. Then read it. Then realise what an idiot you’ve been. Then learn which ones of these steps I’ve made up for my own amusement. Then learn that if you don’t have the wherewithal to research and figure this out without asking for the millionth time how to do this in the wrong place no less, that you do not deserve a hacked PSP. Then post your PSP to me. Do not expect it back. I’ll show it a good time in the back seat of my car. Then cry yourself to sleep while you think about me fiddling with your ex-PSP and falling asleep with it in my arms.

  18. andrew says:

    is there any way to get my psp 3000 with firmware 6.20 to a some kind of custom firmware?
    HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!

  19. andrew says:

    guys how do i get an ISO game on my psp 3000 with firmware 6.20

  20. G3kk0 says:

    You cannot run isos from the memory stick on psps 3000 that have official firmware, and you cannot install custom firmware on it either. The only thing for us ignorants and or foolish enough to update beyond OF 5.03 is to wait, and wait, and wait.

  21. zc9 says:


    I really need a help please…

    I just buy a PSP 3000..

    I want to upgrade to version 5.50 gen d3…

    I really don’t know how to do it..

    somebody please help me and teach me how to do it???

    teach me step by step please…

    sent to my e-mail :

  22. irvgotti says:

    @andrew&g3kk0 some games like resistance retribution (good game btw) can update your psp back to 5.03

  23. andrew says:


  24. riocor321 says:

    Go to a nearby game store and ask if they can downgrade your psp i know the internet says you cant get a psp 3000 downgraded but you can and then from there tell them to downgrade it to ofw 5.03 and that way you can run chickhen r2 it shoould cost 40 dollars and take a few days. but its worth it Then search youtube and theres many videos on psp 3000 version 5.03 cwf

  25. john says:

    hi all is there a firmware that will play all iso files i have 5.00 m33-6 on my psp and it will only play some files

  26. kazu says:

    ahaha nice I have a classmate that has like this one but when the battery is out so is your hack ^^

  27. Risk says:

    is there any other way to get a games in PSP-3000?? and how to get the 5.03 version???
    how sad that PSP-3000 has a limited games…

  28. Risk says:

    is there anyone can teach me how to hack my PSP-3000?? and to get that 5.03 version??

  29. SlayerXiD says:

    i have a psp-3001 and just buy it and i have the official firmware 6.10 and how to hack my psp for play iso and cso game plz reply me to

  30. adi says:

    it is horrible. you don’t tell us how to do it.

  31. Sam95 says:

    Hey guys, i am Sam. Few days ago i get a psp3001 model with 6.20 version.i want to paly games in memory card but cfw enebler is not worked in 6.20version. Now can’t downgrade my psp system.Is there any way to downgrade it fron 6.20 to 5.03 or hacking for 6.20 version.
    plz I need your help.

  32. cattus says:

    i’m buying PSP JAPAN and how to change the software to english software

  33. Daniel Wolf says:

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  34. psp 3000 master says:

    im not using chichen image
    and im using 5.03 GEN C FULL
    I HAVE A VIDEOO in youtube
    just visit it

  35. ghstu says:

    talkin from my wii with homebrew!!!!!!

  36. can you hack psp3000 with firmware6.10?

  37. please send me the steps and tools in hacking psp3000 with firmware 6.10

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