Snoozy the Sloth

Snoozy the Sloth clings to you and sleeps. While this may sound easily done, the maker wanted the sloth to actually simulate breathing with exhaled breath to add to the realism. To do this, they had to build a “respiratory system” out of a rubber glove, a solenoid, and a couple pumps.  This kind of toy can be very beneficial to special needs children. The lifelike and calm behavior helps the child connect to the toy. The pumps and solenoid are said to not be too distracting, but we are curious just how loud they are. This seems well executed, and much more sloth like than slothra, another sloth toy from last week. Were these guys in an Arduino powered sloth making class together?


  1. justDIY says:

    neat – breathing toys!

    how about using linear step motor or voice coil and a diaphragm setup, like the rubber glove stretched over a cavity of some sorts (like a small jar / film canister). The linear step motor or voice coil should be nearly silent, and provide a sinus breathing rhythm instead of a slow inhale and fast exhale.

  2. shoogity-bop says:

    IT’S ALIVE!!!!

  3. will d. says:

    i like justdiy’s suggestion for the sinus breathing rhythym. also if the goal is for it to be a soothing presence, the sloth should have the same body temperature as a real animal. i think a litte warmth would go a long way.

  4. matthieu says:

    that’s cool !
    but that’s creepy !
    but that’s cool ! i want one !

  5. weasel says:

    That’s kinda creepy…

  6. pod says:

    too bad warmth would mean a high battery consumption

  7. I agree about a stepper or voice coil actuator rather than a solenoid. The action of the solenoid being way too fast — unless you put some kind of valve in to limit the flow of air in and out (so that a quick action from the ‘noid produced negative pressure that took a second or two to equalize through the valve, the released allow the rubber glove to compress the air slow back through the valve.

  8. VonSkippy says:

    wow, a toy that sleeps. they had that in the 70’s it was called a “pet rock”.

  9. billhates says:

    How many arduino’s are packed in there! 5? LMAO

    lame,creepy, useless.. find another site to post your crap.

  10. grovenstien says:

    Ummm legionella anyone!

  11. Filme Gratis says:

    Interesting Video man

  12. strider_mt2k says:

    If this keeps up hackaday will need a “sloth hacks” section.

    If that thing starts flailing it’s arms I’m so outta here.

  13. grovenstien says:

    So if my cat stops breathing can i stuff some batteries in it to get him working again!

  14. ho0d0o says:

    Seriously marketable invention. This will probably be snatched up quickly by a major toy company or quickly imitated.

  15. Lupin says:

    That’s some highly sophisticated electronics. I also like how the video and the serious voice makes this look like a great invention.

  16. Khordas says:

    @ strider_mt2k:

    I think we need a subset of the arduino hacks section: shit done with an arduino that should not be.

    We probably need another section too, just labeled ‘wrong’, to stick slothra and the inevitable ‘twitter my bodily function’ hacks into. given the progress here, it’s only a matter of time before someone uses an arduino to build a toy sloth that detects and twitters bowel movements. they’ll have a big serious video about how it helps you child stay regular.


  17. lexi says:

    zomg another sloth?!?

  18. strider_mt2k says:

    @Khordas: Way to encourage them by thinking up the next project for ‘em! LOL

  19. bort says:

    stop this over-engineered arduino bullshit
    i hate to become one of the trolls, but next hack pls

  20. billhates says:

    Lol, I agree Bort!

  21. eMpTy says:

    elmo goes emo?

  22. ScrappyLaptop says:

    Although technically complicated due to miniaturization and programability, this is not functionally all that different from say, the midway amusements from a century ago that would “breath” and “talk”. Yes, it is interesting and looks like fun. But let’s not surpass our reach just yet, okay? A trained assistance dog (or other trained animal) is “very beneficial” to “special needs children”, a mechanical sloth is not.

  23. moocow says:

    Maybe this could be incorporated into the Real Doll for the Somnophilia market.

  24. SIGTERMer says:

    “The lifelike and calm behavior helps the child connect to the toy”
    i wonder what will happen to the child when that rubber glove ruptures. Or better more, pops..
    children with special needs suffer enough as it is

  25. very informative thank you

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