Repurpose: a short documentary

This is a nice little documentary on hacking. Made by [Jack Oats], this video sheds a little light on hacker culture. Filmed in Foulab during a workshop, there’s plenty to to see and enjoy. Show this to all your friends and relatives that get confused when you use the term hacking.

[via NYCResistor]


  1. bancroft says:

    that video was very well produced. does anyone know if there’s a list of hacker labs? i would love to join a local group if it existed.

  2. THeOReos says:

    I wish it would be in german, so that my grandparentes could understand :D
    it’s epic :D

  3. grovenstien says:

    Hacking is human nature. Since the dawn of time man has tinkered and formed tools for not only the basic necessities but for love.

  4. Gunfus says:

    Awesome video.. awesome topic. I have always wanted to participate on one of this groups.. but now that I have a child.. it might be a little more dificult

  5. chr0n1c says:

    there should NEVER be a list of hacker labs…

  6. Sean says:

    There is a list of hackerspaces at

  7. martinmunk says:

    Damn… I have wanted to do that tv-oscilloscope for years now :) Thought i had a somewhat original idea thoug ;)

  8. thermald says:

    “awesome video.. awesome topic. i have always wanted to participate on one of this groups.. but now that i have a child.. it might be a little more dificult

    posted at 10:00 am on may 26th, 2009 by gunfus”

    Children are natural hackers. What better way to bond with your kid than by building a robot or disassembling a machine?

  9. is0lated says:

    I wish whoever was planning the hacker space in brisbane would do something with it. Or at least update the page.


  10. is0lated says:

    Never mind

  11. OniAkai says:

    Great video!

    It gave me a better view over hacker culture.

    Thx & Greetings from Austria

  12. Tachikoma says:

    I would be interested to know how this dude managed to print directly onto PCBs.

  13. nubie says:


    I would assume that the printer could take PCB’s and print on them. It was a ‘commercial’ printer, maybe find a list of PCB capable printers.

    Neat video, but I somehow feel like it merged art and science, kinda borderline repulsive to me, like getting fantasy dragons in my sci-fi (not really cool).

    I don’t think I would show that video to people (to help them understand me), because I roll more engineering than arty, (although that could have just been how the video was produced.)

  14. F7 says:

    There is a new space in Houston that’s pretty awesome if any of ya’ll are in the area.

  15. herbie says:


    You don’t print onto the PCBs. You print onto special paper and then use an iron to transfer the toner to the PCB.

    There are several methods, but the one I use calls for using a LASER printer, with Staples store-brand INK JET PHOTO paper.

    Reverse the image, print to the photopaper, iron for several minutes onto a prepped copper-clad board (lots of pressure and heat!), then soak the board in warm water and rub/peel off the paper backing leaving the toner design behind. Etch with your favorite etchant, and voila’.

  16. tlvb says:

    @nubie: Have you ever appreciated the beauty of a clever computer program, or a simple mathematical proof? To me, art and science can have very much in common, the beauty of ideas.

  17. el tejon says:

    Your described method is one common way, but the guy in the video does specifically say that he prints directly to the board.

    Could it be done with a modified plotter? Just anyway that alleviates the curves and turns over rollers.

  18. Matt Joyce says:

    There are laser pcb printer rigs that are somewhat expensive.

    check out that one is advertised in nuts and volts.

  19. coldwar23 says:

    Good vid until the last 20 seconds where it gets all egotistical and preachy with the “empowerment” psycho-speak. I mean really we ARE tinkering with devices that OTHER people designed and made. Thanks gay jewish hipster dude! Other than that, good vid and interesting topic. I wonderz if there are any nearby labs similar to this one.

  20. markps2 says:

    coldwar23 doind a “gay” and “jewish” disrespect? What is hackaday turning into?

  21. lorel says:

    u guys r fucking h0tt!!!
    luv it
    a list of local labs would b fanfuckingtastic, tho i doubt peeps wud wanna b bothered…. workspaces are not really meant to b disturbed….

  22. lorel says:

    space in houston??

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