23 thoughts on “Repurpose: a short documentary

  1. that video was very well produced. does anyone know if there’s a list of hacker labs? i would love to join a local group if it existed.

  2. Hacking is human nature. Since the dawn of time man has tinkered and formed tools for not only the basic necessities but for love.

  3. Awesome video.. awesome topic. I have always wanted to participate on one of this groups.. but now that I have a child.. it might be a little more dificult

  4. “awesome video.. awesome topic. i have always wanted to participate on one of this groups.. but now that i have a child.. it might be a little more dificult

    posted at 10:00 am on may 26th, 2009 by gunfus”

    Children are natural hackers. What better way to bond with your kid than by building a robot or disassembling a machine?

  5. I wish whoever was planning the hacker space in brisbane would do something with it. Or at least update the page.


  6. @Tachikoma

    I would assume that the printer could take PCB’s and print on them. It was a ‘commercial’ printer, maybe find a list of PCB capable printers.

    Neat video, but I somehow feel like it merged art and science, kinda borderline repulsive to me, like getting fantasy dragons in my sci-fi (not really cool).

    I don’t think I would show that video to people (to help them understand me), because I roll more engineering than arty, (although that could have just been how the video was produced.)

  7. @Tachikoma

    You don’t print onto the PCBs. You print onto special paper and then use an iron to transfer the toner to the PCB.

    There are several methods, but the one I use calls for using a LASER printer, with Staples store-brand INK JET PHOTO paper.

    Reverse the image, print to the photopaper, iron for several minutes onto a prepped copper-clad board (lots of pressure and heat!), then soak the board in warm water and rub/peel off the paper backing leaving the toner design behind. Etch with your favorite etchant, and voila’.

  8. @nubie: Have you ever appreciated the beauty of a clever computer program, or a simple mathematical proof? To me, art and science can have very much in common, the beauty of ideas.

  9. Your described method is one common way, but the guy in the video does specifically say that he prints directly to the board.

    Could it be done with a modified plotter? Just anyway that alleviates the curves and turns over rollers.

  10. Good vid until the last 20 seconds where it gets all egotistical and preachy with the “empowerment” psycho-speak. I mean really we ARE tinkering with devices that OTHER people designed and made. Thanks gay jewish hipster dude! Other than that, good vid and interesting topic. I wonderz if there are any nearby labs similar to this one.

  11. u guys r fucking h0tt!!!
    luv it
    a list of local labs would b fanfuckingtastic, tho i doubt peeps wud wanna b bothered…. workspaces are not really meant to b disturbed….

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